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John Stossel deconstructs Ariana Huffington’s assertion that she converted to Liberalism because after working with conservatives for so long, she was finally confronted with "the facts." The problem is that Huffington doesn’t really fare so well when she’s confronted with real facts. Her response to them is to confront her interlocutor (Stossel) with a pile of incoherent feelings. In the end, not even Huffington can dance around her inconsistencies, admitting,

"There is no question that the fact that I’m living in a big house, I occasionally travel on private planes -- all those things are contradictions. I’m not setting myself up as some paragon who only goes around on a bicycle."

Yet Huffington has set herself atop a burgeoning Liberal empire as Queen of The Huffington Post. As Stossel points out, in just three years the site has become one of the most discussed and viewed in Liberal circles. And we are surprised because . . .?

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She ataches herself to fads. And she cashes in on it.

Huffington is the biggest hack in recent memory. She was conservative when it helped her cash in on her husband's name. She is liberal now because it is helping her cash in again. And the only reason any of us ever heard of this twit is because she married into money. She will say or do anything to get herself noticed, and change her opinions 180 degrees in a heartbeat.

Huffington adds nothing of value. She is basically the Paris Hilton of politics.

Oh dang, Julie - aren't you going to call her a hypocrite?

Here's The Nation's deconstruction of Stossel's devolution, summed up with this:

"Steve Wilson, another of Stossel's early WCBS colleagues, now an investigative reporter at WXYZ in Detroit, was surprised enough by Stossel's rapid rise to stardom and his pro-corporate transformation to ask about it. 'I ran into him one day, kidded him about his metamorphosis and asked what had happened,' Wilson recalls. ''I got a little older,' John answered. 'Liked the idea of making real money. So started looking at things a little differently.''"

Huffington was also on Gingrich's bandwagon there for a while.

"The Paris Hilton of politics" is pretty cold-blooded.

Poor Paris. With those parents, especially that mother, did the poor girl ever stand a chance. Well maybe she'll get it all turned around. Wouldn't that be something. Wouldn't it be something if she pulled a Donna Rice.

OK, Craig, and the problem is what?

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