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Limbaugh getting in Obama’s head?

The Obama campaign is basically blaming Rush Limbaugh for their defeat in Indiana. Malicious crossover voters--a term used by former Georgia Congresswoman and light heavyweight boxing champion Cynthia McKinney to explain one of her primary defeats--handed Indiana to Clinton. Henceforth only those pure of heart may vote in Democratic primaries. There will be psychological screening at the door.

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Remember those "scientific" studies purporting to discern brain pattern difference between Republicans and Democrats, or was it conservatives and liberals? If we set up check points at election sites with brain scans (I picture something like the scanning archways at airports, maybe decorated with patriotic bunting for the occasion) election officials might be sure that we vote with ideological purity. This would take care of the inefficiencies inherent in thought-policing a population. This would be so much faster than psychological screening, and being purely physical, could be sold to the voting public as objective. There would still be the problem of the secret ballot. We'll think of something.

And to think I was assuming that if Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" would be mentioned here at all, it would be to deride it - appropriately - as something unscrupulous and beneath any principled conservative voters.

Nope, instead there's some Big Brother nonsense about "psychological screening at the door."

I gave NLT the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't do the Limbaugh Limbo, but here it sinks, ever lower!

Gads, I shouldn't wear that red shirt to the polling place now, should I?

Remember how, in 1998, liberals in Vermont proudly announced that they had voted in the Republican primary in order to give the party's nomination for Senate to Fred Tuttle, a joke candidate who promptly endorsed his opponent, Patrick Leahy? That was really funny. Payback's a bitch.


Last I heard, voters who played by the rules were entitled to vote. Access to a primary ballot is a party matter. If parties don't want just any old people determining who their nominees will be, they should make primary ballot access more difficult. That's something I'd support, by the way. But--shudder--it's undemocratic.

And as someone who voted against Cynthia McKinney in a Democratic primary, I don't think that what I did was unprincipled. Indeed, it was the only conceivable way I had of trying to get that woman out of office, for as te district lines were drawn at the time, the only meaningful election was the primary.

Is there any real evidence to Limbaugh's Operation Chaos effect in the Democrat primaries?

And, more importantly, is there anything that states it is wrong?

You might not like it, but until the 'injustice' is codified as such, then it is not much of an injustice at all, now is it?

If we don't like cross-over voters, we could go back to a more closed primary system. This rampant democracy business could use some adjustment.

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