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...researchers have produced an ongoing study that shows they like a lot. "White," apparently, means completely unethnic. Despite my obvious pastiness, I’m not as white as I thought. Nonetheless, I’m as white as they come when it comes to #1 (coffee) and #57 (JUNO). The deconstruction of JUNO give by the analyst has caused me to reflect more deeply on the issue of whether the filmmakers successfully pandered to my inner whiteness.

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If the order itself turns out to be accurate, then we prefer divorce over San Francisco and apple products over bilingual children. Us white people are pretty quirky.

Coffee and Juno are both great.

This is the most accurate list I've ever seen . . .

Unfreaking real... accurate of course on some level...but purged of its countryness, purged of its south, purged of its west, cleansed of tobacco and beer and sporting events...and even when accurate simply represents the sort of white person that Matt Mingus is, a more enlightened white person perhaps? This is the "microtrendiness" of the white person understood by the likes of a Mark Penn. I mean I understand that a lot of white people are captured by this list...but I think there are a lot of white people pissed off by lists like this.

Studies like these really take into account the demographic of people who spend time figureing out what white people like, people with internet connections and spare time, probably mostly in my generation. Number 20 on the list "being an expert on your Culture" should in all honesty be placed ahead of coffee, since it is really the driving force for spending the time required to make such a list(but coffee could keep you awake reading it).

The list is really things young white progressives think white people like.

Lets put it this way... If white people like the things on this list then white people are all Democrats and not even the blue collar democrats....Barrack Obama in a landslide.

Shapely brunettes weren't on the list. What are we to make of such a glaring omission? Not to mention Asian chicks weren't in the top ten, nor microbreweries.

Here we go, Asian girls v. shapely brunettes...look out!

Microbreweries, obviously they make better beer...Budweiser reverse snobs crack me up...what's not to like if you can afford it and if you can remember the name of the beer you like? Of course, I often fail in those two requirements.

My favorite on the list was "Making you feel bad for not being outside."

And finally, the criticism of Juno is fairly ridiculous Peter. Yeah, teen pregnancy is a way bigger and more serious problem outside the suburbs...and from this we're to conclude that Juno's problem and story do not count? C'mon!

I, too, found the list very "progressive white". I only scored around or less than 50%.

On the Brunette v. Asian matter, I prefer to learn from Paris's mistake (Paris == Hector's brother), in which he actually made a choice and thereby drew the wrath of the other women upon him. Non-choice is the better part of wisdom, I believe.

even when accurate simply represents the sort of white person that Matt Mingus is, a more enlightened white person perhaps?

Yes. Part of the irony surrounding the list is the extent to which white people will love looking at it (and creating it). Heh.

Carl is right on the microsbrews... and JUNO. Lots of white opinions are reasonable, even some of the ones I don't like. White means less progressive than Bobo. The reason Paul isn't as white as he looks is his being Catholic=ethnic=not white. But of course Bobo means vaguely, indefinitely progressive--the Cartesian Americans Tocqueville describes.

Scanning the list, I get about one in ten: maybe not even that. Perhaps it is the urban non-ethnic white guy of a certain age list? Other qualifiers are welcome.

Actually the list is full of interesting irony, the greatest irony being people who do not see themselves on the list, and demand to be included don't realise that the list is a mockery of those who are on it. In light of comment 4, Matt Mingus 1 John Lewis 0.

Keeping score is my number 3 for white people.

As for Budweiser reverse snobs, that can be number 4...because we all want to be like Warren Buffet(dream big?)...because we desire wealth but fear the change that seems to accompany it...we don't want to grow up...if it means that a part of us dies, we will cling to poor taste provided it is our poor taste. In addition to this beer is not wine. Beer will be linked to baseball and fishing and rugby and keg stands and blonde germans at Octoberfest. I dishonor beer by treating it in the effiminate ways of the french.

5) Coca-Cola, God bless America us yankees will always be damned for burning Atlanta. Give me a coke, Pepsi is the choice of the white man on the progressive list, but I do enjoy seeing Justin Timberlake being sucked throughout a city. Plus we need more caffeine than coffee alone. Its the american drug of choice.

6)Poker, we love to play this game. Because this is a familly site I will sensor the sexual inuendo of the game.

7) pornography, now this is certainly in bad taste...and the statistics seem to show that this isn't a white or black thing...but 70% of americans view it on a regular basis and if we aren't to be effiminate liberals who hide from the truth...

8) conspiracy theories, truth be told we can never be sure what the heck is going on and they seem to make for good conversation in moderation as long as you don't believe them but toss in a jab at the tin foil hat guys that do

9) UFO's and ghost stories, always great around halloween, a camp conspiracy theories the point isn't that you believe in them...but that some people do.

10) Not knowing when to quit...which is why we secretly like Bill Clinton? But I digress...

I'm waiting for Julie to chime in on this thread.

As for Budweiser, ------------- that's just a brutal beer. If Bud spent a fraction of what they spend on marketing, on actually brewing a better beer, then they'd solve their problem, ------------------------------------------ and their problem is taste, because that's a brutal beer. Bud is OK if you're a High School senior, hurting for cash, needing to procure a few cases for your pals. And even then it's only OK. Even in college, I never liked Bud, and only drank it when there was no other alternative.

Bud is a beer for a man in extremis. Such as Iraq for instance, where our guys have to smuggle in beers because of perverted directives that intend to signal "respect" for native culture. What it really signals is something much different.

I live in Pennsylvania, where there are microbreweries all over the place. I live within a half hour of half a dozen microbreweries. And that's not counting those in Philadelphia or Delaware. That being the case, I'd be a fool to opt for Bud when I can easily have much better.

And Bud isn't even one of the better cheap beers.

Later this month there will be a microbrew festival in Media, which is the county seat of Delaware County. It will take me ten minutes to be there. Why dither with Bud when there is so much better beer, better crafted, better tasting, more variety, ales, porters, pilsners and lagers.

Perhaps, but in truth beer tastes bad, wine tastes bad and whiskey tastes bad. When you are young and you figure a way to get some beer and you drink your first pretend it is good to impress friends...eventually it grows on you and becomes an aquired taste and you move on to what tastes better...eventually you have all these guys drinking fruity Strawberry Daquiries, getting wax jobs and manicures...It is really just a slippery slope to meterosexuality...Now among conservatives much is made of being a dandy or a sharp dresser, and in fact the Suit by that Giovani character is an interesting read...and we can go into how sophisticated conservatives behave and what they drink exetera...but there is always a good grain of wisdom in the words of Woddy Hayes who says that wearing a tie is like kissing your sister. I mean there is a lack it seems to me of the desire to drink something that puts hair on your chest.(after all that would just increase the price of a wax job).

The most memorable drinks in my opinion are the ones that taste rather horrible...if they have scorpions or snakes in them they become more premium, but if you are going for something hard core and american you should sneak around in West Virginia until you come to a still of good ol' fashioned moonshine, thats a drink that will put hair on your chest, and is not consumed because it tastes good. If you aren't scared of black folks you should catch a charter bus heading towards the Casinos in Detroit or Niagara Falls...every time I have tried it I was the only white person on the bus and the moonshine I drank worked better than the Crest whitening system for removing plaque. Interesting enough on my second trip the bus broke out in church halfway there because gettin' right with God is necessary to proper gambling, apparently church is also compatible with playing scratch bingo. Certainly it would be an eye opening experience, and not necessarily pleasureable in terms of being in a comfort zone. But it is upon this ground that I dispute the apparent racism of a figure such as Dog the Bounty hunter, and I mean to wonder how it is possible for text book progressive liberals and buttoned up conservatives to pride themselves on superior morals without the experience of leaving a bubble. I don't know...if Dan wants Julie to chime in I want the rambling wisdom of the DEA guy Gary Fouse.

Beer is an acquired taste, to be sure.

But the more you drink, and the more types you're exposed to, the greater your ability to discriminate between beers. I didn't set out on a path heading for homebrewed and microbrewed beers. But there are some exceptional microbreweries out there. Citizen Bank Park, home of the Phillies, offers local microbrew beers, [Flying Fish, which I think is out of Delaware}.

As for Bud, I didn't start disliking Bud; I had no preconceptions about that beer. In fact to the contrary, because I've always liked their ads. But Bud is a needlessly harsh beer. As I was going through Villanova I began to notice that certain beers I preferred over others. One of them was Michelob. There was a period when I was real keen on Canadian beers, Moosehead, Grizzly and Molson. From there I moved on to a local beer, Yuengling, {sp?} which isn't a microbrewery per se, but is a small brewer.

The other thing I noticed was that I enjoyed draft beers over bottled. Whenever possible, I'll buy a draft. And I like half and half too, {Guinness with Bass, otherwise known as a Black and Tan}.

What I really like now are ales and porters, then when it's warm outside, a pilsner. I don't buy lagers as I used to.

As for wine, I don't drink it. Not at all. Don't buy it; don't order it. And I refuse to affect a taste for wine that I don't have. If I go to a fine restaurant, I won't get a wine. To me, there always seems an aftertaste of vinegar present. So wine is out.

I don't drink hard liquor much anymore. Occasionally I'll have a mixed drink. I used to drink Tangueray {sp?} Gin, a double, on the rocks, twist of lime. But that was over a decade ago. I don't sit around slowly working over a tumbler of Irish whiskey. That's not me.

I've never had Moonshine, but I've asked around about it, and had different reports.

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