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Andy Busch explains that the Democratic nomination contest has become a "team sport" (voting blocs), hence the lack of concern about Wright and Ayers and argues that this explains a great deal about the left in America: no enemies on the left! A fine article, and I happen to agree with even the last paragraph that advises Republicans. Do read it.     

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Agreed. Excellent analysis and excellent advice.

My son had an argument for electing Obama. As president, he could investigate the "government lies" that Wright and Ayers proclaim and denounce. He could settle those issues like AIDS or drugs in the inner city as government plot, or "Bush lied about...," (you know) or anything, including the purported concealment of evidence of life on other planets. Maybe. I suggested that even if Obama's investigators found no evidence of those things, people who are true believers would say that the evidence had been destroyed long before. There are devious puppet-masters who control government, which is (somehow) why we need more government. It goes beyond myopia to willful blindness.

My grandmother had a little statuette of three monkeys; one with his hands over his eyes, another with his hands over his ears and another with hands over mouth, representing "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." That crowd on the left would open those hands to "see nothing but evil...."

Andy Busch is right, but it's something of false alternative. There is no chance that the Republican campaign will be "all-Wright, all-Ayers." And there's a real danger that there will be too little of this, except at the margins (talk radio).
McCain can't shy away from it, much as he probably wants to.

And exactly right about the left.

My husband worked in an inner city school in 2000. After Bush won the election, some of his students came in saying that Bush was going to send them back to the cotton fields to work! Wright isn't the only preacher still hammering on the metal of decades-old conspiracy theories. Frankly, the party of Lincoln should carefully reclaim their heritage and remind the public of that heritage. Maybe a little historical introspection on the part of McCain wouldn't be a bad idea.

But they won't because the party of Lincoln long ago forgot what Lincoln stood for!

I'm with David Frisk. We cannot let the MSM turn the valid objections to Wright and Ayers turn into 08's version of "Swift Boats," i.e., the issue that polite respectable people refuse to mention on the assumption that it is right wing noise. Hell no. And I'm for other sorts of negative campaigning, especially a line of attack that says: (ominous, insinuating voice) "Has the Democratic Party shown why it is worthy to control the House, the Senate, the Presidency, AND, don't forget, despite our use of the phrase "Roberts' Court," the Judiciary ? Let's review a few of the speeches, deeds, and policy-wish lists of the Democratic leaders over the last eight years...Let's review whether Senator Obama's votes reflect a centrist stance, or a die-hard liberal one. Americans, (ultra-somber voice) to vote for Obama is to hand the Democratic party all three of the keys to the kingdom."

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