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Two Cheers for McCain

From what at first glance--but only at first glance--would seem to be an unlikely source.

Here’s one of my favorite passages:

I don’t doubt that Hillary and Obama are patriots. I don’t even doubt that the upscale secularists who have taken over the Democratic Party are patriots; but theirs is a “soft” patriotism, a patriotism twice diluted, once with the waters of cosmopolitanism, and again with the waters of something tasting of pacifism. McCain, by contrast, is a “hard” patriot, not in the least a pacifist. But isn’t there a danger that a patriot of this stripe will prove to be a warmonger? Yes, some danger. But George Washington wasn’t a warmonger, and neither was Dwight Eisenhower, and neither, I think, is McCain. Retired warriors are willing to fight, but rarely do they yearn for another battle (think of Colin Powell).

Read the whole thing.

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Now, I'm for McCain, but he's no GW or Eisenhower! Let's face it, he is more impetuous.

Yup. To be willing to land jets on the decks of aircraft carriers, naval aviators have to be a bit on the impetuous side.

Joe is right about that! I have one for a brother, who went through the same selection and training as McCain.

On the main subject, any sensible Democrat must decide whether to stay in the company of the "ultras", or whether the country is safer in the hands of McCain (whose party has its own ultras). I myself am tending in Carlin's direction.

McCain is not a patriot of any sort. He's the anti-Reagan in many respects.

Jon Rauch had a recent article describing McCain as the second coming of Edmund Burke. When so many peple on the left start singing the praises of MCcain, it should be a flashing neon sign reading "Beware!". They are not converting to conservatism, they are cheering the GOP's conversion to liberalism.

and don't you forget it, John.

That seems like a reasonable post by Carlin. Of course I sometimes wonder... It is often times held that our leaving Iraq would be hailed as an Al-Queda is also held that Sunni's and Shites would butcher each other...but these two claims are contradictory. If Sunni's and Shites started butchering each other(which we can't stop completly anyways), odds are that the dominant Shites would "win"(both sides loose) least in most provinces... but if the Shites win then Al-Queda looses because it is a sunni "party".

So while it is cute in a sinister way to say that if we leave Al-Queda looses...the truth is that Al-Queda has already lost...Osama just puts out videos...and Al-Queda in Iraq as a political party actually makes a decent effort towards moderation(while engaged in civil war...see how everything is contradictory.)

Strangely enough it seems we have mannaged to redirect the anger of Al-Queda from the hate of an "abstract" great satan in the United States to a desire for the United States to intervene (at least when they Sunni's are the ones being butchered by Shites). The very real question it seems is in what respect are the Sunni Al Queda folks the same as others who bear the name.

If the United States leaves and both sides fall to butchering each other...won't some enterprising Sunni or Shite develop a theological-political stance that brings reconciliation between the groups and directs them from concrete animosity that the groups share by proximity to some great abstract Satan in the United States, Europe, Israel?

He will say: look why are we killing each other, It was the United States and the secular west that did this to us...we are muslim, we should not fight. And the civil war will stop when they have transfered the concrete anger they feel towards each other, upon the United States, or Israel. And things will be peaceful, because the hatred of the United States will just be an abstract devil for most of the Iraqis who will otherwise go about pedestrian affairs as all humans do...but some will believe the lie...and take it upon themselves to strike out...

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