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New York . . . eeeww York!

One in four New Yorkers has herpes.

Guess they need some more aggressive sex ed. classes there? Yeah . . . that’s the ticket.

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And one in four of New Yorkers with herpes got it from Derek Jeter!

Scummy behavior by scummy people in scummy environment produces scum. Who'd a thunk it?

This piece is a perfectly appropriate finale to the analysis of the 1960s, and 1968. It's the icing on the cake, or rather, the oozing lesion on the ... well, let's not go there, since all you guys got the gist.

I recall being at a party where some guy blurted out that he had the herpes, and he got it from a woman he described as "Miss Peaches and Cream."

Young people with the herpes ought to form a "class," and get together to launch a class action lawsuit against Hollywood, for proposing demonstrable falsehoods about cost-free sexual activity. Wouldn't go anywhere of course, --------- but it would get the wags all in a twitter.

That'd be a hoot.

Did you see the recent disclosure about the AIDS, where it's now been revealed that heterosexual AIDS was ALWAYS something of a fraud? And that the virus strikes with almost pin-point precision certain risky activity, indulged by those far outside the mainstream of normal, heterosexual desires and activity. Just more truth coming to the fore.

On global warming the truth is already out there, but people still want to embrace a radical agenda for a cause that's more "hot air" than anything else.

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