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Hillary Clinton has resolved to be the Democratic Party’s girlfriend from Hell. There’s just no breaking up with her. She refuses to let the detail that somebody else won the nomination keep her from deciding, on her schedule and terms, the future course of her "campaign." In last night’s speech, celebrating her victory in the fantasy league nomination contest, she invited her supporters to visit the official website (hillaryclinton.nuts) to help her determine her next step.

The conclusion of this campaign is a cynical betrayal of the idea of gender equality. The mean journalists and politicians who won’t wait for her to recognize her defeat until she’s good and ready, had better be careful. They’ll hurt her feelings and make her cry . . . and then make her angry. And there’s no telling how much trouble she can cause if that happens. Better to humor her.

This denouement is entirely fitting, because the premise of the Clinton campaign was also a cynical betrayal of the idea of gender equality. The historic breakthrough was always counterfeit. The first female president would have been the former first lady, whose accomplishments were entirely derived from her husband’s. Her claims to be the experienced candidate were as bogus as her claims to have faced sniper fire. She has now directed two big undertakings – the health care task force and a presidential campaign – and managed in each instance to turn an advantageous starting point into a humiliating defeat.

Good riddance.

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Yes, "good riddance" indeed. But if Democrats insist on playing the identity-politics game -- and they do -- then Hillary's supporters have the same right to celebrate her alleged "breakthrough" as Obama's have to celebrate his. While there is a phony aspect to her breakthrough, there is also a phony aspect to Obama's. I see no reason why she should give a concession on the night of the last primaries, especially when she won one of them by 10 points, rather than sometime later. She cannot be accused of further dividing the Democratic party unless she behaves in such a way from here on out. (And since when should we, at "No Left Turns," care about the Democratic party anyway?)

We care about the Democratic Party because so many of our neighbors are Democrats and we may have to live with the candidate they choose. God help us, Hillary has dropped out. How far do you think she will drop?

Supreme Court Justice?

No SCOTUS for Mrs. Clinton. Secretary of Defense (women have already done State)?

We are far from done with the Clintons. There is method to her seeming madness of staying in.

The Dems trot out two worms, and the best the Reps can do is.....McCain? Woe betide us, and hang on to your wallets.

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