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Frank Warner on Opie Obama

Frank explains why Obama’s Germany speech seemed underwhelming: He "still looks like a kid trying out for a leading man’s role...[H]e was reciting Sheriff Andy Taylor’s lines but looking more like Opie."

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I think you mean "UNDERwhelming," Peter, and yes, Barry/Opie sure is that.

RB, thanks and he really does look like Opie. Of course, Opie grew up to be quite a fine man.

Is that all NLT does, link to foolish sites for snappy one-liners? Or pimp one's academic appearances and publications? Ok, if Obama looks like Opie from the old Griffith show, that makes George W. Bush a cross between Otis and Ernest T. Bass.

When will we be getting some news stories about Obama being the possible anti-christ?

Matt, just link the two words in a Google search. Try this blog.

There may be something to this. He may be pretending to something even his image cannot even resemble. What would a successful demagogue of the world be like? I do think his rhetorical style is overrated, only superficially authentic and at times robotically mannered. Does this post mean, Peter, that you think BO can beat himself? Not sure exactly what that means, but I do think that his post-modern creepiness will be the only thing that WILL defeat him. Brooks this morning called it "the End of History on acid." Tough words coming from David, who loves the beautiful and beautiful images. McCain of course will have to cooperate a bit. More German restaurants.

On BO as the anti-Christ I have been reticent to mention but will the striking resemblance of Obama to the imaginative anti-Christ in turn of the century Catholic author Robert Hugh Benson's eschatological novel, The Lord of the World. Doesn't mean of course BO is the anti-Christ even though late modernity smells like it in general.

Mustafa Mond of Brave New World, anyone?

Kate - that site occupied at least a good hour of my time. Thanks for the entertainment. Technology and I still have a love-hate relationship (hence my lack of search-engine finesse).

There isn't nearly as much on McCain being the anti-Christ. I found this and then some stuff on how Pastor Hagee (didn't he advise President Bush for awhile) thinks the anti-Christ will be a gay Jew.

Whatever happened to the thoughtful and popular high-church theologians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? Oh yeah. Television.

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