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Our friend David Lewis Schaefer persuasively argues that the latest efforts of mess with the Electoral College are ill-conceived. Some people just can’t think beyond the most simple-minded democracy. How un-American!

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The EC isn't in trouble, to say the least. Studies show it will tend to benefit the Democrats in a close election, with their lock on the 2 biggest states. 2000 was an improbable fluke. 2004 was very close to a Kerry victory in the EC. (All this is why the Democrats made no serious effort to discredit it in light of the 2000 outcome.) Arguments for and against the EC aren't burdened with the will of the Founders and all that. Its virtues--such as the discouraging of third parties and self-financed demagogues--and vices--such as giving people in non-battleground states no attention from the candidates and artificially reduced incentive to vote--aren't really based on their intentions. Eliminating it would be a considerable risk. There'd be no way to put it back if things didn't work out as planned.

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