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Duane Patterson points us to a speech from Michelle Obama on July 28 in which she attempts to explain complain that women need an advocate like her in the White House in order to address the eternal female angst of wearing too many hats. Government can step in, she argues, and create policies to ease their pain. Barack can take some of the pressure from all those hats off of their heads. Perhaps it is helpful to have a big head when you start taking away other people’s hats? Of course, there is a big problem with all of what Michelle Obama is saying (mainly that it is blather) but there’s a more obvious problem too.

If Barack Obama is such a master at dissipating female angst, why has Michelle got so much of it? Why can’t she feel assured when she is working that her girls are well? Why can’t she be content when she is with her girls and not feel anxiety about needing to do more work? She claims to have come to grips with the fact that there is no machine to clone her so she can be in more than one place at a time (doing it all, of course). She claims to have accepted that there will never be enough hours in the day for her to satisfy all the demands on her labor. But it sounds to me like she’s still looking. What’s even more amazing (and ladies, you will understand me here), she’s still looking in the same darn place and at the same darn face: Big Daddy Barack. When he is president, apparently, government will be have to be saddled with the job of calming the female heart. Men . . . I guess you will have to keep sucking it up and, no doubt, paying for it.

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Michele's remarks centered on health care. 20 million women without health insurance. 10 thousand a year die from chronic illnesses because of lacking that insurance, but mentioning that makes us a 'nation of whiners'. Women live longer than men and have greater health care costs, and the gaps between medicare eligibility and employer based insurance are enormous, but that is just eternal female angst. Thousands upon thousands of women cannot afford breast cancer screenings or pap smears. Some inner city catholic churches now include prayers for mastitis, that the lumps they feel in their breasts are clogged milk ducts and not cancer. But all that is blather, euro-socialism. Ms. Ponzi's tone-deafness hears in people's fears only the siren call of big government, (except terrorist fears, of course) and (sickeningly) personalizes this to Michele's own relationship to her husband. If you honestly think women's health care anxiety is just a 'mental recession,' you are handing the democrats a winning issue.

How many of that "20 million" are American citizens?

How many of that "20 million" are recent college grads, still looking for gainful employment, and hardly panic striken about their "lack" of health "insurance?"

How many of that "20 million" are in between jobs, thus in between coverage schemes?

Where are the families of these "20 million," -------- have they no responsibility to step in and defray temporary health care costs?

Why should the government step in instead of their family members?

The Left loves to fantasize an America of SCORES of millions, languishing outside of health care facilities, crying out for "coverage," crying out in fear of imminent catstrophic health "concerns."

Notice too that Stertinius tossed out there a number of "20 million," then immediately started discussing geriatic issues. Is the issue one of the need for comprehensive and universal coverage for ALL women, or is the issue one of escalating costs for SENIOR women?

As for the prayers that rise from Catholic Churches, --------------- Roman Catholics are apt to be asked to pray for a great many causes. Formerly, many a Pope would ask the Faithful to pray that people not fall for the deceptions of Socialists and Communists. Encyclicals would warn the Faithful to stay well clear of the lies and the propoganda of the Left. Perhaps we should hearken to those requests for prayers, and pray that the people be guided by the TRUTH, and not the narratives of post-modernists.

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