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THE WASHINGTON POST vs. Russian Propaganda

That fair and balanced paper attempts to editorialize the truth about genocide, ethnic cleansing, and "humanitarian" and "peacekeeping" missions in Georgia. From the Russian view, the U.S. and NATO’s use of such terms is as nothing but fighting words with no "truth value," and so they are perfectly justified in responding in kind.

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Peter thanks for that.. and thanks to the Post for finally a MSM voice informing people about what is going on and why we can't take the voices that are defending Russian actions all that seriously.

One only needs to go to the UK newspapers and their online comments over any Russian story over the past three years and you can see the power of Putin propaganda at work and its very very effective. The big lie is the tool and the Internet is the best instrument to spread it. Just look at the spread of 911 truthers even into mainstream voices and they got their by their power on the net.

The net's major problem is that it just allows raw info to go out there by any source and unchecked by any authority checking filter. So what is needed is that readers have judgement on what they take in... but given the ignorance of most people they take on face value the truth of whatever is provided. Perhaps a vast number of people lack the ability to discern information at this level and have over time by their relying on others to do it for them they have survived and lived. This raises an interesting epistemological-political question that is beyond the scope of a blog like this. But I am reminded of what Machiavelli said in the Prince about the three kinds of minds and perhaps think that he might be on to something about human nature and the varieties of the human mind and how that is impacted by something like the net.

Russians controling media, imagine the out cry if US military did this!!!

Georgian Reporter shot

Russians treatment of reporters and Aid Workers

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