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A Comment on the Convention and the Media

Peter’s two posts immediately below leads me to three thoughts:

1. I think that the Lieberman and Thompson speeches were terrific, and I haven’t heard anyone I have spoken with say otherwise. I loved Lieberman’s line on Obama: "a gifted and eloquent young man." Thompson’s praise of McCain character and identity was perfect. So I think the GOP convention was pretty good, some of it deeply moving (I watched most of it on C-Span).

2. The time I did spend watching CNN and other channels was revealing. The MSM reporters were so over-the-top critical of Palin and her family (and the GOP in general) that even I was surprised. At first I thought maybe it was just me and my ordinary partisan reactions, but when I started talking to people about this they revealed they thought the same.

I think this is worth noting and it will have consequences. Ordinary folks aren’t stupid.

There isn’t much question now that Palin’s talk tonight will be worth watching. Great drama. If she is what she seems--a smart and articulate and courageous conservative--all the unjust criticism will be turned to the GOP ticket’s advantage. I am told that her daughter’s fiance, Levi Bristol, will be there, with Bristol. Good move. I bet they will be warmly received.

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It's Levi Johnston, I believe. What do you want to bet that, with all this exposure, however mean it's been, her speech will draw more than Barry's reported forty million for his Obamacles peroration?

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