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A Daily Dish – Of Gall and Amphetamines

“To sound more enraged with each passing day is a constant struggle.”

For several years, now, the only way to read Andrew Sullivan’s blog has been . . . clinically. “So, this is what hysteria sounds like.” The posts, with their “tone of self-regarding, bullying certitude,” are an assault. Sullivan changes his mind over the years about what he is for and against, but these changes never lead him to doubt that the people who agree with him at any given moment, about any given question, are wise and just, while those who disagree with him are odious and contemptible. The long-term experience is a little like working through the archives of Pravda. The good guys are always heroic and the bad guys are always vile, even when guys who used to be good are now deemed bad, and vice versa.

The early indications are that Sullivan favors Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain in this year’s presidential campaign. Consider this sampling from the work Mr. Shades of Gray put in at his keyboard yesterday, and see if you can figure out which bandwagon he’s riding:

“It’s [Obama’s political success] only astonishing if you cannot recognize Obama’s skills, judgment and integrity. And does Charles [Krauthammer] really believe that Obama survived four years and a brutalizing campaign against him by the second most cynical machine in politics, the Clintons, purely because of hype and nothing? What contempt Charles must have for those millions who actually see that Obama has a first rate mind, a first rate temperament!”

“Obama tries to hit McCain for being out of touch. I really think he doesn’t need to go there. The McCain campaign is imploding.”

“The first thing that comes to mind is that the only people who have trained themselves not to blink when talking to anyone are self-trained pathological liars. We know she [Sarah Palin] has lied multiple times in the past two weeks. In fact, the lies keep on coming. But what else has she lied about, I wonder?”

“This Palin farce has really revealed who among conservatives is still sane.”

“This interview [on ABC’s “The View”] just destroyed McCain’s candidacy.”

“She [Palin] is a long-time member of the Assemblies Of God. That’s all you need to know.”

“Jay Nordlinger’s posts at the Corner the last two weeks are worthy of a mindless, hollow, fanatical hack.”

“McCain is one of the most shameless liars in modern American politics.”

“The McCain camp is in a death spiral.”

“I know nothing about a Republican strategist called Brad Blakeman. Except that he is a liar. And John McCain is a dishonest, dishonorable liar.”

“I’m in two minds whether John McCain has lost his mind or never had a soul. . . . John McCain is now for ever a despicable and dishonest and dishonorable man. He has destroyed his reputation.”

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What is most interesting about Andrew Sullivan's change in opinions over the years is that if you take what he says seriously, he implicitly acknowledges that he has been wrong on just about everything for the past eight years. How in the world are we to expect to take his current analyses any better than his past analyses? What in the world has happened to his man?

Andrew's blog was the first I went to with any regularity going back nearly a decade now so I've witnessed his strange devolution from thoughtful and interesting to utter insanity and not worth a second of my time. The transition can be marked with some specificity as it occurred in the Spring of 2004 immediately after President Bush came out in favor of a Constitutional amendment opposing gay marriage. From then on Bush and his administration were evil incarnate -- war criminals, torturers, you name it. Sully's perverse obsession with torture put me off his blog for a while but I came back over the summer to get his take on the primaries. It was obvious then that he was an Obama supporter and he would be in the general election. The man is not a conservative in any meaningful sense, especially not in his own sense (i.e. a conservative of doubt). Why he wants to cling onto the label remains a mystery.

The Corner has a good policy not to engage him or discuss his blog, and though I appreciate this update since it confirms my decision to stop going there, I really think that's the best policy. He has simply lost it. There's no reason to go there.

Why anyone takes Sullivan seriously enough to even notice what he writes is a mystery.

The Corner has it right - it's insane to engage his insanity.

Sullivan is anathema. His name shouldn't even come up, except as a case study in insane hatred.

You all realize that if we take these phrases and spin them so as to give them a right-wing political lean, they are practically the exact same phrases (with the same crazy "self-regarding, bullying, certitude") on this blog, especially in the comments section . . .

Sure Sullivan is a blow-hard hack, but if we sift through the mindless banter, we may find a few nuggets of, dare I say, wisdom. In this instance, is he so wrong in his assessment of Sara Palin? I think not. Your breed of "conservatism" is so entrenched in partisian politics that you willing to be fooled by a gimmick like Palin. Are we so afraid of Obama that we will foolishly support an obivious ploy. I guess in this instance being first does not necessitate being right. Lets just keep perpetuating Washington's mantra, "Us First, Nation second."

I read this post before I went to bed last night. I then had a dream that my girlfriend was cheating on me with Andrew Sullivan.

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