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Did Joe Biden really just say "No coal plants in America"?!?! Looks like it.

That should go over well in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, etc, etc.

Forget Biden having a "Macaca" moment. He’s just fine with "caca" moments.

UPDATE: Jay Cost asks, Is Biden Trying to Lose Pennsylvania? (Comes with a neat map: Quantitative political science at its best.)

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Terrific 'gotcha' journalism here. It is a child's game. There is no such thing as 'clean-coal.' Its use generates by-products deeply unhealthy for human beings. So too nuclear energy. To de-mythologize the idea of clean-coal might cost someone an election, but it is rooted in scientific fact. Would you rather politicians just say scripted, poll-tested phrases? There must be an automatic gotcha device similar to ren's automatic anti-Bush statements.

WT, where have you been, what have you been doing? Watching endless reruns of "How Green Was My Valley?"

There have been tremendous strides in technology relating to coal, and that's just relating to coal-burning plants. But we now have the ability to transform coal into refined petroleum.

The Almighty made sure the peoples that would dwell on this land would have all the energy they'd ever need.

Demonizing coal is about as brain dead as demonizing oil!

It hasn't been too long. Coal is still THE economic answer in southeastern Ohio, an area many believe critical in this election.

I suspect O'Biden may have just pulled the last timber from the Democrat's shoring in that critical part of Ohio.

Ohio coal requires the new clean coal technology. Thank goodness the Dems continue to show their true lack of understanding about our heartland.

We can just call it new coal/oil and dump the by-products in lawn fertalizer and the puplic water supply...Wait thats the same as old coal/oil. At least it serves to reinforce the eugenics agenda.

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