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"Crap Sandwiches As Far As the Eye Can See?"

So concludes Jonah Goldberg in his L A Times column today. There are a number of interesting (and scathing) shots taken at our all of our fine elected officials--including, especially, Republicans. But I cannot write this without noting one particularly interesting quote from Barack Obama discovered in this article.

Apparently, yesterday as the Dow sank 777+ points, Barack Obama proclaimed the following while campaigning in Colorado: "We’ve got the long-term fundamentals that will really make sure this economy grows." So let me get this straight . . . he now agrees with McCain?

As Jonah says, "Perhaps after Al Qaeda seizes Baghdad, a President Obama would finally declare, ’Hey, we can win this thing!’"

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Al Qaeda is clearly to blame. They took a break from killing enemies of the New World Order to smash our economy. If only we could get the rubes to think the economy was a tangible thing somewhere that terrorists could attack then we could fear them into paying the ransom. Al CIAda may have to call on its contacts with the galactic empire for a job this big. The idea of them getting bahhdad when we just passed another military budget over half the GDP is interesting. Wait, that was my imagination right. Dick cheney never worked at halaburton and Rice never worked for Chevron. Whew, now I fell better that I got rid of those lingering lies.

One of Jonah's very best, folks, don't miss it. And the really killer line is directed toward the congressional Republicans at the end.

Jonahs best?

As for the reputedly free-market firebrands of the congressional GOP, with whom my sympathies generally lie, I cannot let pass without comment the fact that they controlled the legislative branch for most of the last eight years

That's so inchoherent, Biden could have written it. There are about one hundred "free-market firebrands" in the congressional GOP. That's not enough to control anything.

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