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David Brooks Has Glimpsed the Future

And it includes Sarah’s completely unnostalgic, spirited (but not angry or vengeful), and somewhat ironic self-confidence. There’s also a place for John McCain, who will always have the heart of an insurgent. There’s no return to Reagan here (and who can deny there’s a sort of repudiation of Bushes?), but something fresh and new--the real party of change.

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thanks steve, ej makes some good points, but isn't he REALLY yesterdays news??

Perhaps Senator McCain is yesterday's news. Now we have candidate McCain. Which is the future you think he wants and can get to?

I think one of the most important consequences of this election will be the infusion of new talent into the party limelight---it's likely that the future hopes of the GOP will depend more on the likes of Palin and Jindal than Pawlenty and Sanford. McCain's sometimes incoherent fusion of conservative elements is probably not the end game we should be hoping for but might be ideally suited for a kind of transitional moment not just for new leadership but also for a revised party message that broadens party membership.

One more thing:despite considerable misgivings (not unreasonable) about the kind of steward McCain would be of the pro-life cause this could turn out to be a watershed administration in this regard and not just because of the judicial opportunities that will likely arise.....Palin, because of her own personal circumstances,because of the fact that she's a woman, because of her skill at promoting a position forcefully without seeming shrill or angry, could turn out to be an remarkably effective leader on this score...

What might be just as important as Palin herself is what Palin demonstrated at the convention.

1. That there are young talented conservatives who can perform on the big stage. The contrast between her and the Romneys Thompsons, and even McCain wasn't just because of her superior speaking ability. She seemed to be speaking from today's world and they from the dead past. I for one had forgotten what a young dynamic conservative leader looked or felt like. Whatever happens to Palin, conservatives have more reason to look at the future with hope.

2. She reminded conservatives that their views can appeal to their base and middle without having to trim to the center like her maverick running mate.

3.She was able to speak conservatism without once referring to the heroic age of Reagan. Her speech never once gave the impression that she was reliving the heroic past as burlesque (that means you Romney). Hopefully other conservatives will accept that we can learn from the past but not relive it.

4. She powerfully spoke social conservatism in the language of the small town working class and without a southern accent. That might sound unimportant but isn't. Bush's social conservatism was in the language and accent of the upper middle class suburban south. I think it rubbed alot of people the wrong way for reasons that they probably could not explain. Palin's cultural profile might give her a wider hearing.

There's nothing illegal about it—that's business as usual in politics. But part of Palin's appeal is that she markets herself as a reformer who fights against cronyism, when in fact her record shows her to be, in many ways, a typical politician who rewards her friends and punishes her enemies.

Conservatives would be wise not to think of Palin as Democrats think of Obama. She isn't transcending politics with "hockey-mom" and small town values. If you're a politician, you do political things in grimy ways sometimes. Being as idealistic as the some of the bloggers and commenters here are is slightly embarassing. Let's not be so naive. Palin is a good enough pick, but she's not going to change the country. I thought only people under 30 bought this change bs...

"When Rudy Giuliani referred to Barack Obama's past as a "community organizer" Wednesday, the crowd broke into ugly, patronizing laughter. These, presumably, are people who never needed a neighborhood advocate. Imagine if Democrats ever reacted that way to someone who worked as an entrepreneur or a church leader."

IF ???????????

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