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The Democratic Party War Room: This is brilliant stuff.

Now, I may be biased (May be biased?--Ed. Okay, I’m biased, Unlike Charlie Gibson, et al. . .), but I got the sense during the Republican convention that our side simply has a better sense of humor than those other guys. There were more jokes and laughs from the GOP convention. To be sure, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are brilliant satirists that hit our side more than theirs, but on the whole it seems we have more fun than they do. Surely there is some metaphysical significance to this.

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Great scene to satirize. I loved the swap of Olbermann for Stalin. Pretty good. A laugh that crossed party lines.

Couldn't agree more. Was making the same observation just this morning to a fellow conservative who was unavailable to view any of the convention. The humor was used very effectively, I thought, and uplifted everyone's spirits, except for those bitterly clinging to their membership in the Democrat Party.

Part of the reason the numbers are declining is that they've gotten away from humour.

Let McCain, Fred Thompson and Rudy go out together, let them have a blast pointing out the follies of the Obama candidacy, ----------- and let Governor Palin go out there on her own.

I beg to differ. Gentle humor may make people feel good, but it has little impact in politics. Effective humor in politics, assuming one is running against politically tough people (and we are) requires a heavy admixture of contempt, however much one might smile. A good example was the anti-Obama "celebrity" ad, which had an edge to it. No guts, no story. No edge, no impact.

Republican activists probably have a better sense of humor than Democratic activists, but here as elsewhere, what's admirable in private life doesn't necessarily win in politics.
If the reason for the superior Republican sense of humor is that most active Republicans care less about winning than do most active Democrats,
then perhaps there is something for Richard Brookhiser's recent remark (in another context) that we might need "a new base." In addition, a superior sense of humor is not at all the same as superior cleverness. Democrats certainly go overboard more than we do, but my sense is that they're more clever. Perhaps because they're more serious about this, as about other forms of political combat.

That was simply hilarious, Steven! The Hitler angle was fresh and new, the acting was stellar, and the sense of timing reminded me of John McCain's visit to the Daily show, when he brought John Stewart a "gift."

The funny thing was -- and this is really funny -- it was a fake IED! Oh, man, my sides are still hurting from that one! See, he pretended to hand John Stewart an IED -- the same kind that was and is used by our enemies to kill and maim Americans in Iraq.

And, of course, THAT reminded my of the Christmas video of George Bush looking all over the White House for WMDs. "Stop it!" I said to the image of Bush, "Stop it! You're killing us!"

Aww man, I guess you had to be there.

Come on Fung, grow some hide why don't cha? This same video clip has been dubbed before (it's a variation of Rick-Rolling I suppose--have you seen the BarackRolled video??), and it harkens back to Woody Allen's first movie, What's Up Tiger Lily? I've seen a few attempts from the left--McCaingels, a spoof of Charlie's Angels, for example; clever premise, but lamely executed.

If you read Obama's last chapter in _Audacity of Hope_, on his family, you see why he lashed out at Palin in a personal way. That revealing chapter shows a couple headed for divorce, he working in Springfield, she caring for the kid. But they overcame the problem. Palin makes it look so easy....

I can't tell for sure, but it seems like some of you here and in the comments on you-tube don't recognize this as a scene from the brilliant German film, Downfall (2005). It was used in a similar way during the Democratic primary with Hillary Clinton in the lead role complaining about Obama.

It sounds to me like Fung and David Frisk should hang out. Now that would be a rockin' good time full of laughs!

In the Hobbesian sense I am sure it would be Julie. First one to fall asleep dies, proveing equality once and for all.

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