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It Sure Looks to Me . . .

. . . like Sarah Palin or someone close to her read this fabulous piece from Joseph Tartakovsky in the WSJ this past July on the virtues of a good political insult and how one carry it off without descending into incivility. If I’m wrong, then she needn’t read it because she’s a master of it. For the rest of us mere mortals, however, go have a look and disagree if you dare.

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I have appreciated your civility argument--which you made in an older post.

This is what makes Palin so charming--she is civil, and her criticisms and apologies are made with nary any hint of contempt. She defends herself--as she needed to last night and did beautifully--without trying to destroy the character of her opponent. This takes much restraint given the fact that many in the media and surrogates of the Democrat Party are trying to do just that to the VP nominee. She does not respond in kind, and yet defends herself.

We may finally have our own Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir.

Someone long ago observed that the winner of an election is the one with the "sun shining on his face." Reagan v. Carter comes to mind.

The sun moved from Obama to Sarah Palin Friday, August 29, 2008 and everyone saw it.

When Camille Paglia says of Sarah, after merely being introduced to the crowd Friday, "We may be seeing the first woman president. As a Democrat, I am reeling" you know something special happened.

The sunbeam moved.

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