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McCain Wants to Push Back VP Debate Too

That, in my view, makes less than no sense. And, of course, that idea unfairly and unfortunately suggests that Sarah ain’t ready. Meanwhile, Obama gets to proclaim his ability to multitask (implying that’s harder for old guys). And, as Peter says in the thread below, it’s not like McCain has said anything real about how to deal with the crisis. (Neither has Obama, but he’s not trying to get out of anything.) Basically, I also agree with Pete that this scheme to suspend politics was bold but not clever.

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Ordinarily, I'd say this is a political gimmick sure to fail. However, everyone counts McCain out all the time; in 2000, in the primary, in the summer, and now they're doing it again. So, yeah I think it looks stupid, yeah theres no way he should win in this environment, but yeah I think he's got a good me crazy.

[Personally I have grave doubts about the competency, experience, or capability of any person on either ticket--the senile old man, community organizer, moose hunter, plagerist gaffe machine. None should be President, or "one heartbeat away."]

Whether a deal is struck should be known by the VP debate. Thus the suggestion of a cancellation is unwise, and will surely be used by the Dems to portray her as unready.

A couple of weeks ago, when the frenzy about her qualifications was at its height, I urged some to suggest she should publicly challenge Obama himself to a public debate on the most important issue to the American people, which is energy.

Obama would have been forced to put up or back down. He would have thrown forward some excuse why he wouldn't do it, and she would have been able to crow about it on the hustings.

The McCain campaign has her too tightly wrapped.

They're not using her.

Remember the movie PATTON, when Patton in exasperation asks Bradley: "If you won't let me kill the enemy, ----------- why did you pick me for command?"

Likewise here, if they won't let Governor Palin campaign, ---------- why did they tap her for the ticket?

She needs to engage!

She doesn't need any of these ridiculous gotcha' interviews.

She needs to get out on that campaign trail, her and Giuliani, and start mocking Obama from end to end.

Given that I do not like what I have heard McCain say on our economic crisis, I liked the idea that he might take some time to find out about it before he said any more things on the topic that make him seem stupid. The whole thing is confused enough without our candidates saying things they will later regret out of current ignorance. I wish he'd taken some time to reflect when then story first broke. I thought Clint was right in another thread when he said that presidential candidates are usually clueless when it comes to the economy. Some of that apparent cluelessness might just be political rhetoric, due to the fact that American people do not know much about economics.

I hope this is more than a gimmick and McCain actually gets an intellectual grip on the problems of the American economy and that of the world.

Yes, Dan, Palin does not seem to be used effectively. That's a pity. Still, it might be a kindness to let her catch her breath, so to speak. It has to be dizzying to be in her position.

Youall have a problem with the idea that 3 of 100 sitting senators should actually go back to do their jobs during this crisis?

Didn't Bob Dole resign his Senate seat to run? But that was so so looong ago. How quaint.

Postponing the VP debate is a super move. It is standard practice to lower expectations for your guy and raise expectations for the other guy. If the Dems bite on the "scaredy cat" bait all she'll need to do is smile when Biden goes after her and she's won.

When Dan suggests that Palin start mocking Obama on the campaign trail, that will come back to bite her, especially when it comes out that Palin had an affair while married. Gee, that gives a whole new twist to the phrase 'our Sarah'.

My god, I just saw her interview with Couric. What kind of dolt must one be to make Katie Couric look smart? The hot librarian, as memorialized by the NLT regulars, does not seem to have ever checked out a book.

Can one of the loyal defenders of "our" Sarah (Palin) please explain what the deal is with her and that preacher of hers who hunts witches in Africa and did the laying-on of hands with Palin in Alaska? That looks very bizarre to me.

I have to laugh at what is considered politics. Mabye Aristotle should have just attacked the character of Plato. The base level that mass politics is presented is scarey. You get more depth in sports coverage now. Mabye the delay is so McCain can install the spread offense.

BRUTUS, perhaps you've forgotten the take no prisoner approach of Roman politics.

And perhaps you've forgotten too the despicable smears launched against Governor Palin when she was tapped for the ticket. Smears the likes of which REN still cares to repeat.

And WT, how many Dems do you think could handle one gotcha' inerview after another?

What do you think Obama would look like had he been handled with the barely veiled ferocity that Governor Palin has confronted.

She has already done more for the citizens of Alaska than Obama has ever done for the citizens of Illinois. She's negotiated MULTIBILLION dollar pipeline deals. Has Obama even anything remotely close to that experience.

Governor Palin lacks the experience in dodging questions, in dissembling, in pretending to answer, while giving away nothing. It's that skill that Obama, who has done nothing other than talk and write, excels in.

BUT is that "skill" what we so desire in the Chief Executive of the Land?

Executives can't vote present.

The Chief Executive faces decisions that couldn't be made at lower levels, for the decisions are too tough, and bureaucracies, notorious for CYA, kick them upstairs, to some guy who can't vote present.

Yea, Governor Palin has fallen afoul of some pathetic gotcha' interviews. Interviews that Biden never faced, certainly not the sacred cow wandering the earth proclaiming change.

I am not sure Katie Couric is even capable of 'barely veiled ferocity.' Her questions were more of openly tepid mediocrity. The whole country is laughing at Palin's attempts at answering, and still defending the lame points about Russia's being a neighbor gives her international experience. She walks in beauty but speaks in triteness. She will be a Dan Quayle-like joke for years to come.

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