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Excerpts from Palin’s speech are (wisely) being released ahead of time. Palin was a great basketball player in her youth (as was Obama). Here she dunks on Obama:

Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska, I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities."

I’ll bet she’ll sunk some three point shots too.

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Whoa! In an earlier comment I quoted Peggy Noonan's upbeat column today (Sept. 3) about Sarah Palin.

This just in, as they say in MSM, from a live mic capture on a TV show (this wasn't on the air). After Noonan said of the McCain/Palin campaign, "It's over," she elaborated:

"The most qualified? No! I think they went for this -- excuse me -- political bullshit about narratives --

Ouch. Good luck, Sarah. You're gonna need it.

Didn't Noonan also say that Palin would have to watch out from the Republican side, as well? Wow.

Noonan came out and clarified her comments. She was making some inside baseball observation, not suggesting that McCain's campaign chances are "over."

You can read her subsequent clarification over at NRO, on The Corner.

Dan said: Noonan came out and clarified her comments. She was making some inside baseball observation, not suggesting that McCain's campaign chances are "over."

Yeah, Dan, and if you buy that, I've got a used car I'd like to sell you.

Peggy will never get all of this six-egg omelet off her face. She has blown a huge chunk of her credibility as a commentator.

Her delivery is freakin' fantastic. Love her. Who was that guy who claimed men don't love funny women? That people prefer "fatherly" leaders? Something new is brewing.

Mechelle, I was never a big Noonan fan, at least not when it came to her powers of political observation.

She's a wordsmith to be sure; her 2d inaugural for Reagan was a thing of beauty. As an Irish American, I respect enormously her command of the English language.

I don't impute bad faith to her regarding her clarification.

I can't believe the NLT crew hasn't blogged anything after the Rudy and Palin speech tonight.

Where are they at, what are they doing, ----------- everybody having a margarita or something...........???????????/

mmm...margarita...well, Dan what is there to say about a grand slam that flies outta the park? She didn't write it, sure. A very aggressive speech, likely to provoke the Obama people. Assume all my usual caveating, all the next-few-weeks-will-tell-how-she-handles-pressure/questions hedges you'd expect me to cover my rear with, but tonight I feel it in my gut: this woman will be elected president someday. Let's hope we can elect her VP this year.


ALL of us saw something tonight. It was the glint in the eye. She was holdin' back! She wasn't intimidated. The media tossed one hard, high and tight, and she stepped right back into that batter's box and delivered one into the alleys at the least, and into the stands perhaps.

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