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Congressional Approval Ratings

The Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi directed Congress now has an approval rating of just slightly less than 17% . . . Nearly 76% of the American people disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job.

These are numbers that would be very interesting to me if my name were John McCain. It’s fair to say that the "Republican" brand is weak because of the low approval numbers for President Bush. But his ratings, low though they are, outdistance the ratings of Congress by more than the spread between Obama and McCain.

Pete Wehner argues, among other things, that they should be pointing out the ways in which a President Obama would work in association and agreement with Reid and Pelosi.

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The problem is that the American electorate is so retarded that most voters probably don't even realize that the Democrats are the majority in both houses. Similarly, a high proportion of the imbeciles who voted for McCain in the primaries believed he was extra tough on illegal immigration. Americans vote for the presidency or congress in largely the same way they vote for American Idol. They pay almost no attention whatever to actual politics. The Democrats know this, which explains why they are so insouciantly mendacious.

Except, Julie, a big chunk of the dissatisfaction comes from those who think that Congress has not confronted Bush enough - presumably ratings would be less of a problem for that group if Obama were president.

How much more can Congress confront President Bush?

From not confirming valid judges to putting out which hunts to having show commissions, just exactly what do those that don't like the President want? ... Blood?

Probably, considering the frothing at the mouth rhetoric that eminates from them.

Regarding Congressional approval ...

I will advise my children to not attempt ANY run for federal Congressional office for in the end, you will only comromise your soul for naught whereas running for President, you at least have the slim chance of being your own man a la President Bush!

Also, what's with the new 'security' measures on this site? Has span truly been that much of problem? Just curious.

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