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From the "I’m Not Making This Up" Department

Apparently something called the National Inhalant Prevention Council (NIPC) has protested a Wendy’s hamburger TV ad that features people breathing helium and floating around the room, with the tag-line, "Don’t fill up on just anything." The NIPC thinks this promotes unsafe behavior, because, yeah--people will go out and start breathing helium and stuff. (Helium is actually harmless to breathe; it’s a substitute for the 80% nitrogen in normal air for deep sea divers, duh.) I know I’m going to stay awake nights worried about this.

Who knew there was a National Inhalant Prevention Council. Maybe it was formed just last week. It seems to me that although it is not quite a perfect fit, NIPC’s acronym should be pronounced "nit-pick."

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Sounds like a group Bill Clinton could endorse.

Didn't they offer Clinton instruction on the meaning of the word "inhale" and even the "how-to" after he said, ... you know.

Not to contradict Tocqueville on the genius of Americans associations, but the NIPC must subsist on a federal grant.

Pretty sure I had a friend about 7 years ago who worked for NPIC, no longer. Yes, there's a ton of public awareness organizations here in DC. Usually 2-3 staffers, except if they find some big $ source like tobacco settlement. Don't know if NPIC funding was all federal grant-based, but wouldn't be surprised. Her office of 3 people actually split time between several such campaigns.

It's funny to watch the State of the Union with a bunch of C non-profit folks who work on "their" issue everyday, and here comments like," What, only 1 sentence about carbon-tradiing!!!" So I'm not surprised that folks from such a job see the Wendy's ad on TV and write a nasty press release in the morning at work. It's so EXCITING to be relevant.

For what it's worth, sniffing spray paint and other toxic household cleaners is apparently somewhat popular among kids. I recall 8th grade boys talking about it in school when I was a wee 7th grader. Held no allure then. But, maybe I SHOULD fill up on something else...

Is Jonah Goldberg making derogatory comments about your virtue on National Review Online?

Yes, he is--sort of. He wants me to blog more on The Corner, but I like NLT.

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