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McCain in Zanesville

I note that John McCain is speaking at a rally in Zanesville as I write (now from California again). I woke up in Zanesville this morning and spent all of yesterday talking to folks who were desperate to get tickets to see him. Most Republicans I talked to were down--but not quite out. They are stunned by Obama’s poll numbers and can offer no explanations for them based on what they claim to see around them. In other words, the polls seem to defy their observations. The GOP headquarters was doing brisk business. This is interesting, perhaps. Southeast Ohio is one of the parts of Ohio that is most in question. I note that the instant poll (not scientific, I know) on the Zanesville paper’s website has McCain up by 9. I’d caution too that there’s more to Southeast Ohio than Zanesville, but Zanesville is still pretty representative.

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I'm just across the Ohio here in northeast KY and as long as I can remember that SE area of the Buckeye State has always had a Democrat in the House. Not sure how that factors into the Presidential contest but they do seem to vote for the Democrat (at just about all levels) more often than the Republican candidate.

Same here in my area of KY, but thankfully we've a Republican congressman most likely due to the northern KY area (across from Cinci) of our district which normally goes for the the Republican candidate.

Don't give up. People are gradually coming to see Obama for who he is, and the massive con job that is bringing him dangerously close to the presidency. WE CAN WIN THIS!

EastKY may know that SEO has the Dem. Zack Space in Congress now. But until Bob Ney had his little problems, that district was Republican at least as far back as my memory stretches. Clarence Miller, for example, was our Rep. for a long, long time. I remember visiting his offices while on a high school trip to DC.

SE Ohio is sparsely populated... does it really figure into the outcome that much? I guess if it's leaning McCain, it will offset some of Obama's strength along the 71 Corridor, but it still doesn't seem like enough.

I wouldn't give up on McCain just yet. We're beginning to see Obama for the Marxist he is. What horrible damage he and his liberal illuminati elitists can bring in four years of the Presidency should he get in.

LOL, 'liberal illuminati elitists' why is this allowed and i got banned (my posts simply disapeared one day) when i actually tried to back up what i said. My mom works in zanesville. I think the people there are not really happy with either candidate and a sense of malaise has set in. That helps Obama because people see change in him via his cult of personality. Since we are in a bad time right now the appeal of conservatism is lost in the most basic sense of the word, and expecting most to understand it further is sadly, a reach. If you hang out at GOP headquaters then im sure you will come away thinking people really are stoked over McCain. They are getting desperate though, anyone catch Palin saying she would support a new 911 investigation when asked by we are change. To be fair she implied that it would be to make sure we did not make the same mistakes again not that she felt it was a set up. It seems to me that Bush was able to win by securing his base via issues like gay marriage and patriotism. I know quite a few people who voted for that message who are now writing in candidates. The problem for McCain is that in previous election cycles he was the moderate and now the loyal republican base of rednecks do not trust him, or bush at this point. I even got something in the mail today from a gun club saying McCain appeared in gun control was complete with fake bullet holes and everything.

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