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Maybe It Really Will be Close

I still doubt it, which is different from not wanting it. Evidence: McCain’s only down 4 in PA according Rasmussen, and he’s even closed to 8 in the ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL poll. And of course there’s the really good day on Zogby. A convoluted theory is that the early voters are disproportionally those who would have voted for Obama no matter what. The doubtful and axious have hung back and may be breaking toward Mac, at least some. We’ll see. Other good news: The half-hour network Obama show did no good, and commercials at this point are clearly are waste of (his huge amount of) of money. Realistic news: It’s hard to see how the really huge turnout--given the enthusiasm gap--benefits McCain. But as I said before, I really have nothing new to say about the election, except that Mac should have kept the focus on the evildoing of the all-Democratic government (that is, kept the focus on what’s most obviously true).

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So, maybe, we have the same divided country we have had for the last two elections?

Despite "change" we will have might the same sort of election as before? Or maybe the 2000 election, with litigation and controversy following will be the electoral mode of this century. How awful if this really long campaign drags out still longer. Of course, if the electoral college vote is unclear and the matter goes to the House, all is evident and clear as to what will happen there.

Republicans I know seem to be voting with a kind of grim determination. They would go to the polls if Ohio had a California-style earthquake, or if Lake Erie suddenly discovered its potential for a tsunami - you never know what might happen with global warming and man's effect on the environment. They all are convinced of you last point, Peter, that an all-Democrat government would mean a kind of change for America that they would vastly prefer to avoid.

I am working at the polls again on Tuesday. If our precinct, normally voting Republican, does not, (as in our gubernatorial election two years ago) I will go home and right to bed with a stiff drink and read a good book for comfort. There would be no point in waiting up, depressed, for the election results.

Polls are so wrong this year they are based on wrong models. Fear will drive this election. Talking to peole in bars, barber shops, offices etc People are going to the polls like I've never seen. To vote against Obama. They fear his friends, his agenda feel the media is covering up for him. Almost 75% of people are hanging up on polsters. Any place Obama not up by 10 McCain wins. Look at the primaries Zogby had Obama up 10 he lost by 13 to Hilliary. Look at NH. Check all the polls.

What would be really interesting would be if McCain won the popular vote, but the electoral college split down the middle.

We would get to see what a Democratic Congress wants more -- a Democratic President, or their own professed ideals.

Not that I want that to happen, mind you. Just a little anticipatory schadenfreude.

Obama will win this one going away. Hate to admit it, but he will show that he is a community ORGANIZER in a big way, with ground troops that will make his GOTV effort a lesson in how to combine money and motivation into a secure victory--even in battleground states.

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