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Should Bush resign?

This Sunday I had CNN on (circa Noon) and there were a few talking heads that included Tom Friedman (NY Times). I distinctly heard Friedman say that--because of the "economic crisis" and the so-called "power vacuum"--President Bush should just resign immediately so Mr. Obama could become president asap. The other interlocutors didn�t say anything on this, so I thought maybe I didn�t hear it correctly. Later that day I confirmed it. Well, it turns out that Chris Mathews said the same thing. I�m not impressed.

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If Bush resigned, wouldn't Cheney become President? After Cheney, then Pelosis?

This sort of thinking is shockingly juvenile. I can't wait to see the reaction the first time they disagree with one of Obama's policy decisions.

Fortunately, Bush is still an adult, so we won't have to see this actually happen.

Good thing it's just a mental recession and that this nation of whiners does not really how good things are. Months ago I called Bush the toenail-growth president, lower than lame-duck. The toenails continue to grow on a corpse hours, even days after death. The movement we see from him in these last few weeks is miserable. The mere mention of his name loses elections and destroys confidence in all living things.

and your guy is surrounding himself with people from the same exact clandestine society as bush did. Its shamocracy in action. Power players love isms, your guy will play his role and 8 years from now, if we still have free internet, some blog will say the same about him.

And he evidently wins unwinnable [civil?] wars, ren. Much as you would like to forget the current state of affairs in Iraq, I shaint let you. By all means, bitch up a storm. The more energy you spend tearing him down (for what I don't know), the better he'll look in 20 years.

Whoops, just figured out that toenails DON'T keep growing after death. That's just a myth. What happens is that the skin AROUND the toenails begins to tighten, accentuating the length of the toenail despite it not growing one iota.

Sorry for being just SOOOOOO dang stupid. Again.

That would be a horrible precedent to set, and it's also terribly unrealistic. Perhaps something like this is a better idea?

Maybe what's really needed is for President Bush to have some nation-endangering sexual dalliance with an intern in the Oval Office. Perhaps, if arrangements were made for a luxurious retirement (lots of booze, brush-clearing, book deals, etc.) in advance, he wouldn't actually have to be so secretive about it. He'd be caught, somehow. Bring in the Natl. Enquirer people who chased John Edwards into the bathroom, and Fox News, too, and maybe Drudge could revive his career? Then, some high-minded, patriotic Republicans in Congress could actually initiate the discussion of impeachment. They'd appear to be cleaning house, they'd look very serious, and they wouldn't have to be embarrassed by having him taken down by liberal Dems. The Dems could play along, but they could play it like they were very reluctant (Pelosi: "But I thought this was 'off the table'?"). Then we could get a more serious president, who, interestingly, seems to be disappointing the Left more than living up (down?) to the warnings of imminent disaster we were hearing from the Right should we elect a socialist terrorist like Hussein (!!) Obama.

I stand corrected. Bush is the cuticle shrinkage president rather than the post-moertem toenail growth president. Honestly why do you keep his picture on your site? To attract students? In homage to his last few weeks of stupefaction? Bush derangement syndrome was no mere irrational reaction preceding the american election. It is now the global condition of humanity. It has become viral. The lack of confidence in this man mirrors and intertwines with the lack of confidence in global markets, in capitalism, in democracy. His accomplishment is vast - the total criminal mediocritization of the entire social political domain. His resignation would do nothing. He has impacted the human genome with his failures.

Let these liberals prance and gloat...we want them to be absolutely drunk on power, and it wouldn't bother me for their decisions to be filibuster-proof. The more outrageous the legislation in the next two years, the faster the adults can return to power...and this new Messiah can wander off into the wilderness to struggle with his devils.

But I do hope the GOP learns something from this (although I am not sanguine about the prospect) -- being "moderate" = losing. No more "establishment" republicans, no more RINOS. We need a clear, conservative message to sell our "brand," and until we do we are the ones who will wander in the wilderness.

So Bush handing the reigns to Cheney two months prior to Obama taking power helps the transition and the Obama presidency how? Helps the country how? And then assuming you can also convince Cheney to also resign this helps in what way? Eh? When Al Haig said something foolish about presidential succession, he at least had the excuse of honest off-the cuff ignorance. But for what reason did Friedman reveal his constitutional illiteracy, which again, even taken as fantasy simply makes zero pragmatic sense? That's right, in order to insult Bush and his supporters, in order to be mean. The motive for his unoriginal (see Matthews) idiocy is vindictiveness. Oh, but don't you forget it, Friedman is a public INTELLECTUAL, and a MODERATE voice, so saith the New York Times.

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