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When did Americans start to think that the job of the president is to "rule"?

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I have a sneaking suspicion it was about the same time that presidential races became about legislative actions(taxes, trade agreements, wars without Congressional approval, etc.) - and on that point, the two parties, and all of the candidates, are guilty.

When's the last time a candidate, when asked about tax stances, said, "I really think that topic is a legislative issue that should be addressed by Congress?"

Exactly! They ought to know better. The Supreme Court rules.

So you are jumping all over one little use of the word 'rule'? Where were you and your watchdog vigilance when Bush-Cheney were involved in the enormous expansion of executive power, the signing statements, the holding american citizens as enemy combatants, the crafting of military tribunals, to the point where the president claims the right to open citizen's mail? You are suddenly alert to expansion of presidential power when it is not your guy at the helm.

Oh, that's rich, Mr. Adams. I can only chuckle.

My only fear is that by 2012 or so the president will have always ruled. 2012 is the new 1984.

Isn't 2012 the year on the Aztec calendar when the world ends?

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