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Describing her as a "scappy Midwesterner" at heart and soul, Noemie Emery has almost got me feeling some sympathy for the old girl. But, even Ms. Emery concedes that we’re not really sure who or what this woman is. She’s been so many things at so many different seasons, it’s hard (as it was with her husband) to tell. Is there really any core to this chameleon other than ambition and self-interest? Well . . . she is a Clinton. Even so, I believe that, in her way, she must be a great lover of America. She loves whatever it is that she thinks America is and, even if she differs in this with me and other conservatives, she would not want to see the America she loves harmed--least of all by outsiders. So characteristics that make her less than attractive as a human being (or as a domestic policy leader) might make her precisely the sort of person who would serve our interests well (or, at least, better than the other options on the table) as Sec. of State.

UPDATE: Paul Mirengoff at Powerline thinks Obama will go more with his Machiavellian instincts in this case and NOT choose an untrustworthy rival for such a key position in his cabinet. This gets back to my earlier post about the relative manliness of Obama in this pick. If he were to reject her now--after such prolonged and public foreplay (now even to the point of getting Bill to grovel a bit)--it would be something very interesting to contemplate and behold. Scott Johnson comments as well. Your thought?

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I wonder if Obama would humiliate the Clintons by pulling the rug from under them on the Secretary of State thing. Some pros and cons,

1. Pro - It would show everyone that Obama is politically fearless, clever, ruthless, and patient in sticking it to those who cross him. That might deter other Democrats (and even some Republicans) from crossing him.

Con - By being publicly embarrassed and passed over, the Clintons would have little to lose in making life more difficult for Obama as long as their behavior did not turn into full apostasy (ex. Joe Lieberman). Bill Clinton is a master of sticking the knife is while seeming to be on your side. This could complicate Obama's reelection in 2012. Imagine if Obama's opponent is Bobby Jindal (hope, hope). Now imgine that the Democrats main line of attack against Jindal is that he has weird religous beliefs and he is ideologically extreme. Bill Clinton might point out that Jindal is an orthodox and serious Catholic and that the people who are questioning his religous beliefs are intolerant. Clinton might further point out that he finds Jindal's record as governor to be quite pragmatic and reasonable, even though Clinton as a Democrat might disagree with parts of Jindal's record. Clinton would then half heartedly reaffirm his support of Obama's reelection. At an even later date, Clinton might repeat some of the more popular critiques of Obama's presidency (whatever they might be) and imply that the critiques have substatial justification. Clinton would then backtrack after his initial comments got widespread attention and again half heartedly endorse Obama. If you are Obama, why do you need the headache?

Pro - The Clinton's will never forgive Obama for barring their way back to the White House. They will be vindictive at the first oppurtunity in any case. Better to take them on now and show Washington that you will not be intimidated.

My personal guess is that Obama won't pick a fight with the Clinton's this early. The Lieberman thing shows that Obama understands the uses of strategic magnaminity.

Great points, Pete, and all deeply marinated and deliciously served. I am savoring, especially, the middle one.

But here is what I am thinking . . . I am thinking that Obama might just be ambitious enough to believe that he already has or very soon will vanquish the Clintons entirely. I think he believes that he has a chance (and if he ever will have this chance, it will be now) to paint them as retrograde relics of our political past. They are the Boomers who never really could fully embrace the Progressive vision for America because of their latent cynicism and weakness.

I don't know if Obama really can do this . . . but that's rather the point, isn't it? If he does manage, somehow, to do it . . . talk about shock and awe!

In any event--no matter what he decides-- the way in which it is decided, the reasons given for the decision and the manner in which it is carried out are going to be a huge poker tell about how he will conduct his administration and will give us some big clue about how long he can keep up this wild enthusiasm. I suspect that this is yet another reason for prolonging the decision . . . he wants to keep that enthusiasm going for as long as he possibly can. Once he involves himself with the Clintons in a public way--either by picking her or distancing himself from her again--he necessarily dirties himself. This is going to be a very important measuring stick, I think.

Maybe Parker's best bet to make amends at this point would be to say that she was just joking the whole time?

Maybe the Holder nomination was partially intended to revisit the Clinton pardon issue. This could be intended to clear the way for her by venting this issue early, but it could also be a way of making her selection more difficult.

The left-wing illuminati are trying to put up this united front, but there will be problems with these two.

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