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Turnout one percentage point higher

Powerline points to this study showing that turnout was not the real story of the election:

"Despite lofty predictions by some academics, pundits, and practitioners that voter turnout would reach levels not seen since the turn of the last century, the percentage of eligible citizens casting ballots in the 2008 presidential election stayed at virtually the same relatively high level as it reached in the polarized election of 2004.

...[B]ased, in part, on nearly final but unofficial vote tabulations as compiled by the Associated Press as of 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 5, the percentage of Americans who cast ballots for president in this year’s presidential election will reach between 126.5 million and 128.5 million when all votes have been counted by early next month.

If this prediction proves accurate, turnout would be at either exactly the same level as in 2004 or, at most, one percentage point higher (or between 60.7 percent and 61.7 percent)."

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In Ohio 2004, I poll-watched at an inner-city precinct, all black: Bush got at least 15% of that vote. The gay marriage initiative on the ballot back then won Ohio and the presidency for Bush. My understanding is that Karl Rove opposed (at least initially) such initiatives, and their linking with the national campaign, but I can't vouch for that information.

Hmm...that suggests that McCain really didn't inspire anyone, particularly the base. In a party of millions, why is it so hard to come up with someone who is relatively young, conservative, experienced, and charismatic enough to inspire hope? You gotta wonder.

Jindal was asked to run, but he wanted to complete his current position. I hope in four years we have him, Romney and Palin on the Republican ticket, especially Romney with his wonderful success in business. He would help immensely digging us out of the financial morass we'll be in since the Democrats and their idiotic liberal, left-wing illuminatis with their tax-and-spenders were elected.

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