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In California, Proposition 8 is on the ballot to reverse the reversing of Proposition 22 by the California Supreme Court. If that left you confused, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In essence, Prop. 8 is trying to re-establish the status-quo ante of state sanctioned marriage existing only between a man and a woman in California. Right now it is polling about even or slightly down--which is not good news.

But this ad against Prop. 8 and captured by Hedgehog Blog is really something else. It shows two Mormon missionaries storm troopers raiding a lesbian couple’s home, stealing their wedding rings, performing an illegal search of the premises and tearing up their marriage certificate. I count it as just another example of the growing hubris on that side of the political aisle. Feeling ever more confident of the victory of their guy and the victory of their issues--especially in California--their mask is slipping and their true bigotry is shining through like a beacon. They are now talking in public the way they once would only talk to each other. Catholics have denounced the ad--and well they should as any person with any sense knows that the Catholic Church will be next on the political chopping block. (As if this is an unfamiliar spot for us anyway!)

What remains a mystery to me (though not really) is how an ad like this could be made and aired by people who consider themselves well-meaning and serious when the truth of what happened out here is exactly the reverse of what the ad implies. The truth is that if there was any metaphorical storming of homes, it was the judges of California’s Supreme Court who stormed the homes of all Californians when they told them that they must accept state sanctioned opinions about homosexual marriage--even if those opinions are contrary to their own consciences and even though there is no record of popular sentiment in support of it.

H/T: Hugh Hewitt

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Isn't that ad a hate crime per se since it spews hate on a protected group, namely religious believers? The Mormons must bring a legal charge against the makers. It must be both a state and a federal offense.
If the courts dismiss it, a new movement of religious believers should start a campaign to abolish hate crime laws.

I think you go awry by assuming the Left is well-meaning. To echo your construction: They are serious, but not well-meaning.

Progressives are America's internal enemy. Remember that for the next 4, 8 - or if Obama really is the next FDR - 12+ years.

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