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Is The Honeymoon Over Already?

What’s this? Liberal historians such as Sean Wilenz and Eric Foner deprecating Obama’s comparisons to Lincoln? (Now they tell us--Ed.) As the Politico reporters sum it up: "That kind of preening highlights a risk that many presidents have encountered as they gaze in history’s mirror. . . if the self-comparisons go too far they can come off as vanity or self-aggrandizement."

In related news, as I was predicting around the office at AEI last week, the Green Left doesn’t like Obama’s pick to head the EPA. More to say in due course about the huge infighting Obama is guaranteeing for himself with his hybrid picks for so many different energy-enviro slots.

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Bush has gazed in history's mirror. All of human history has collectively thrown a shoe at him. The vanity and self-aggrandizement of this fool meets its end in complete humiliation, but hey we have found some criticisms of Obama so let's roll with those.

Don't know about Foner, but Wilentz was a huge Hillary partizan who wrote an article in Salon about how, if the Democratic Party had a sane nomination process, Hillary would have won. So no surprise that he's not exactly enthralled with Obama. Please come up with something more substantive if you're going to talk about leftist infighting.

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