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THE SOLOIST one fine movie, according to ME. It’s all about the problem of the homeless, which has no real solution. It’s way too simple and very lacking in compassion to say that they choose to be homeless, but it’s often true enough that they lack what it takes to choose against it. We root for the brilliant musician locked up in himself to get over being a soloist, but he really doesn’t--except in a limited way with a friend. And we’re hugely impressed with the ambitious reporter who puts the time in--finally out of love--to be his friend. Jamie Foxx is eerily convincing as a mentally ill musician, and Robert Downey Jr. does well as a reporter who becomes more than a mere liberal. If you have even a slight tendency toward personal chaos, this movie will leave you more disoriented than is comfortable.

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I have not seen the Soloist yet, but will (when it comes on DVD). What you say about it, however, makes me wonder whether it--or, at least the issues you see it raising--ought not to be taken in conjunction with Changeling, as the real question seems really to boil down to one of what to do about folks who lack the mental capacity or will to care for themselves. Changeling offers a frightening glimpse of what can happen when government has too much power to institutionalize people (or decide what constitutes "crazy") whereas the situation today probably offers a frightening glimpse of what can happen when we do not exercise enough power in that direction. There is tragedy on both sides and Peter is right to note that there are no easy solutions. Though I do think it is a fair enough point to suggest that while some homeless do choose to be homeless, it lacks compassion (and common sense) to suggest that saying this is enough to solve the problem. It seems to me that the stupidest, most misguided position (and the one, incidentally, most lacking in compassion) is the one that suggests people ought to have the "right" to choose homelessness and sleep in public wherever they choose.

A movie about the homeless ... sound like a real snooze, and a downer.

We don't need more movies about bums. We need movies about real two-fisted Americans who fight Arabs. We're in a fight to the death with Arab terrorism and Hollywood doesnt seem to know it (or they know it and they're for the terrorists)

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