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Cheney and Bush Getting More Popular

Well, it’s true that they had nowhere to go but up, and a solid majority of Americans still don’t think well of them. Still, there’s increasing evidence that the former VP’s security concerns are being taken seriously. But as Peter noted below, Obama’s foreign policy may not be turning out to be as bad Cheney feared.

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I suspect that the 37% approval rating for Cheney represents center-right leaning people who became alienated over with Bush and Cheney over the mismanagement of Iraq 2003-2006, overspending and the bailout who are coming home more than anything else.

And it shall come to pass, that in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama's ever-growing bankruptcy of our country and his pacifism and lack of military service and knowledge that is costing us our leadership in the Free World, that Bush and Cheney didn't do all that badly after all !

Reality has set in and now Obama knows what Bush and Cheney know. Obama isslowly morphing into Bush on may areas. What may hurt Obama more than his inexperience is the apparent ineptness of some of his appointees. A new broom supposedly sweeps clean but, the old broom knows the floor better.

The devious appointments to unelected positions of authority tell me more of Obama's beliefs and aspirations. I have long ago quit listening to his speeches and his double speak comments. I find it obviating when he speaks one way but appoints an opposite believer with the power to act and change the constitution and law. He cannot be trusted with the power he abuses so quickly.

It's rather obivious where Owebama is's just that I'm not getting on the train to Auchwitz!

I totally agree with 2, 3, 4 & 5s comments.. I was going to give Obama a year before I passed judgement, but I can't wait that long. What has he done but spend $$$, and talk in circles. We will soon be like the South during the Civil War, and have to take a bushel basket of money to buy groceries. His bail out is just kinda bailing us all in. Hang on we are headed for a big ride!!!

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