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Which decision did the president make more quickly?

a) the choice of his first Supreme Court nominee.

b) the choice of the Obama family dog.

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Trick question: he made niether.

Silly comparison. Less important, personal decisions can typically be made more easily and more quickly than the big, difficult, significant decisions that have substantial impact on the entire country.

Obama likely also decided what to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner many times before he settled on Sotomayor, too, as any reasonable, rational thinking adult in his position would.

A sense of humor would go a long way towards making some posts unnecessary.

Well, since in terms of what they will do for him (the only basis on which he makes any decision), both will have basically the same job, I guess it is not surprising the Sotomayor appointment took less time than the dog. She can a least answer questions verbally, which must have made the "vetting" process shorter this time.
But I think Brutus is probably right. I doubt B.O. had much say in either choice.

Tony - that slam against Mr. Moser was really uncalled for. (Everyone's sense of humor still intact?)

I was speaking of you. Enough breath wasted.

Yeah Tony, I got that. Feel that breeze running through your hair?

Obviously Obuma forgot that dogs are taboo, after all, America is one of the worlds largest Muslim nations. And while we are at it, let's make up all the great things that Muslims have done throughout history.

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