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Charles Kesler on the "Third Wave" of Liberalism

Ever wonder how the thinking of the prudish Woodrow Wilson begot the 60s generation and the "sexual revolution"? Charles Kesler takes up that theme and others in today’s installment of his interview with Peter Robinson at NRO-TV.

UPDATE: Peter Robinson’s Forbes article on the same theme.

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Sometimes I think the answer to the ever wonder questions should be, No.

I mean in the course of getting an answer you are forced to accept that Woodrow Wilson was prudish and that the 60's generation and "sexual revolution" was exceptionally about bad pot and random sex, long hair and provocative music.

In other words you are accepting an account of history you did not participate in(my case) and probably embelishing it.

Ever wonder how the behavior of a prudish God in forbidding eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil set off a sexual revolution, that populated the globe?

In some sense the part of the genesis story that is most believable is not God creating the world in seven days but "the fall", so there is little wonder about the 60's.

If Adam and Eve are the first and second wave then human kind is the third particular Cain and Able, and that explains the 80's as the time when we rejected the view that we are our brothers keeper, or we embraced the view and went feudal with MC Hammer buying baggy pants and mercedes and other bling for all his courtiers/entourage only to go broke at the race track. Currently the communitarian view is in resurgance, we have shorter hair, less sex and stronger pot, we have a black president who is less MC Hammer and more Woodrow Wilson. A lot of other things are true about the times most of which are also tied up into myths and begging for a VH1 special. That the VH1 special will come is certain, why it will come is a wonder.

JL . . . even when you try to irritate me, you make me smile. Nice last paragraph.

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