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A rough parallel hit me the other day while pondering the continuing farce of the Waxman-MarKey "American Clean Energy and Security Act." (By the way, why doesn't the word "climate" appear in the bill's title, since it is aimed at preventing climate change?--Ed. Probably because polls show it is a loser with the public.) Back in the 1960s, the Great Society was the vehicle for the "war on poverty." That went well. Today, what might be called "the Great Energy Society" is being proposed to carry out what should be called our "war on carbon." It will likely work out just as well. I offer further thoughts over on The American Blog.
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Since the earth has been in a cycle of cooling and warming for thousands of years, will we wake up in 2300 and realize that the earth is actually entering into another "little ice age?" I wonder how many trillions of dollars would have been spent by then.

A 'rough parallel' hit me the other day too. The war on poverty was a ploy for a power-grab by some governmental elites; so too the war on carbon; so too the war on terror. The lesson: resist the calls for war always dressed in patriotic garb and the 24-hour fear channels.

Interesting thoughts. Oil in that $75 range looks pretty solid, could be a toss up between you and Dr. Deenen rounding second. But do you guys have any clue what is going on with the Iranian elections? It appears this Mir-Hossein Mousavi fellow is actually a favorite over the Columbia invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Apparently he is some blend of Muslim Socialist in favor of womens right, some level of capitalism, favors nuclear power and greater ties to the french to include a deal were they provide him with power generation?(the french apparently like him), and doesn't deny the holocaust.

Forget the "Great energy society", what about the "Global Energy Society"?

Time to buy Joy Global(JOYG)?

I agree ren.

With the exception of "war on terror" (as the point of terror is that it wars on us and we just hope resistance is not futile,) I think, for a change, no one on the blog would disagree with ren's comment. The other day I heard a speaker in DC go on for about 30 minutes about "climate control" as an issue for small business. Inevitably this brought to mind, "Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it!" The guy wasn't actually talking about some global thermostat, but he might as well have been. This is a roundabout way of agreeing with Tony Williams, that we already know the Earth's climate changes over time and there is not much point in trying to control that.

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