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Blue State Meltdown

Joel Kotkin takes a close look at the blue state economic model--pervasive in the Obama Administration--and doesn’t find it very encouraging. Policies that favor and are favored by the elites of the so-called knowledged-based economy don’t do much for "ordinary working Americans."

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I think I do not know much about this and so will ask questions -- Isn't this fact being dealt with by the Obama administration through its increasing demand for centralization? I keep hearing and reading about the fine print of health care legislation that goes beyond simply funding individual's health care and sort of presses down remaining barriers to federal control of states in realms that merely touch the health care matter, since, as we keep hearing, health care has an effect on everything. Not that mandates, especially unfunded mandates, haven't already made major inroads into whatever measure of sovereignty states still might have. Or matters like this that I read this morning, about a federal judge telling Atlanta it can't have water from Lake Lanier, which ought to have an effect on population growth, except that people are still free to live where they like. What if a federal judge decides that sort of liberty has to stop?

That's a meander, but I wonder if the elites of the knowledge-based economy are not poised to make "progress" against states that seem bastions of individual liberty. Or if they can choose to benefit the blue areas at the expense of the red, through centralization.

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