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From an article about Regina Benjamin, common sense from a common citizen:

Duffy, a disabled 52-year-old who runs a fruit stand, knows Benjamin’s story well: how she will treat almost anyone in her tiny medical office; how she accepts payments in oysters and shrimp when patients can’t pay cash; and how she elected to stay in this backwater after her clinic was ravaged by two hurricanes and a fire.

"I think she’s done wonders for this town," he said.

But ask Duffy what he thinks about the Democrats’ plan to broaden health coverage with a government insurance plan, and his brow furrows. Sounds like communism, he says. Or, at the very least, an overreach.

"Now we’re talking about [healthcare for] the whole United States, not just Bayou La Batre," said Duffy, a wheelchair-bound victim of an auto wreck whose medical costs are covered by Medicare. "I just don’t know how that’s going to work."

The difference between charity and legal mandates, like the difference between focused progams and general programs, and between local programs and a national system, is obvious to the common citizen. If only the powers that be in Washington had the wisdom to listen.

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I wonder if medicare sounds like communism to old Duffy as well. The entire VA would sound like communism to old Duffy. But that people have to pay their medical bills with fish and oysters sounds a lot like for-profit health systems, soon to be a thing of the past. Maybe Ron Williams, CEO of Aetna, could give Duffy a few dollars from his 17 million dollar compensation from last year. He too is going to be a thing of the past soon enough. But I ignore the polls indicating majorities wanting government-run health care, and sit at the knee of Duffy here, the perfect representative of the common citizen. I always listen to the real 'Muricans conservatives select for me to listen to, like Duffy the patient and Joe the Plumber. In their unfiltered corn-shucked wisdom resides the truth.

Yes - perhaps our veterans should be left in the care of local charities, rather than a nationalized system fed by mandated tax dollars. I certainly wouldn't mind throwing our Congressmen into such bleak circumstances.

Let's test Obama's health care plan on Ted Kennedy.

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