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Sarah, One Week Later

Okay, so more than a week has passed since Gov. Palin’s bombshell announcement, and every day brings still more news stories and thumb-sucking "analysis" articles about her. Today, the legendary Willie Brown calls her a political genius, among others. At this point her story is showing more "legs" than Michael Jackson. For all of the problems with her and her decision, the intensity of the interest in her and the reaction against her suggests she is not a mere shooting star, but a real political phenomenon. Stay tuned; this story has a long ways to go yet.

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Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin are both 'geniuses.' The parallels are striking. Alaska was Palin's hyperbaric chamber. A place to incubate her bizarre religious views. To resist contamination of her tiny world view she wears a surgical mask of beauty. The searching gaze of others causes her to quit as governor, just like Michael became a recluse. He saw his fans as a necessary evil, just like Palin sees government. Their fixation on children is comparable. As she gets older, the merciless enemy of time will create in her a mad visual and political metamorphosis, to the point where she will shrink to a frozen plastic state, like Michael Jackson's nose.

Is she becoming more cautious about who she talks to?

ren-- still stupid. Clutching at straws.


YES!!! Palin '12!!!! Future campaign website?

Over the last 12 weeks, Obama has bled 12 points.

By 2012, Republicans will be able to run Barney against Obama and still prevail handily. It needs to be noted too that Obama is bleeding support even with the enormous help he receives in the form of a tailwind provided by a media wholly supportive of him. Once we get on the other side of 12% unemployment, even the media won't be able to help him.

And already some serious Democrats up on Capitol Hill are getting real nervous about where Obama is going, and where, willy-nilly, he's taking their party, and their future political prospects.

When a radical like Boxer declares Cap and Trade DOA, despite the efforts of her fellow Californian Nancy Pelosi to push it through, {and she knows full well how Pelosi went to the matttresses to get it pushed through}, what that means is we're seeing anxiety spreading.

"...but a real political phenomenon..."

Umm...yeah. Sudden Infant Death is a phenomenon as well. That doesn't mean it's a positive thing.

When voters are embracing Republican positions, when voters are even increasingly concurring with Republicans on issues supposedly Democrat specialities, such as education and health care, -------- that means Obama's radical edge is starting to scare people. Within about a year, I wouldn't be surprised if polls were to show that a majority of Americans would prefer to be governed by a real Sarah Palin over a false messiah.

How exactly does the "intensity of interest" suggest that Palin is a "real political phenomenon"?

I mean, it could just be a human interest type of deal--there's certainly enough drama surrounding her to draw all sorts of interest, but that doesn't necessarily equate to any sort of political capital.

Blanket, don't you know any conservatives who just love Palin for her expression of their politics and values? Dozens of people have spoken to me about her in highly favorable terms and if you wander around the comments sections of the articles and editorials written right after her announcement, you will see plenty of "intensity of interest".

With your impressive coalition of dozens Palin would only have to win over a few hundred million. Two things about her and I'm done with this hybrid of tabloid/politics persona: I think she had some decent qualities and represented what conservatives hold dear, but once she got into the campaign her willingness to simply be a foxy face towing the line of the machine made her seem like a political ploy. It is fine to be a hockey mom or use folksy vernacular, but you had better back that up and parroting John (bipartionship) McCain hardly did that. This woman should have been talking about the loss of freedom (and a plan to negate these losses) not William Ayers.

I thought I was merely adding anecdote to Willie Brown's correct analysis and defending Steve Hayward's notice of it. I am not promoting Palin as the answer to America's problems, nor defending her performance in the last election. She is a political force in America, and I don't see who can deny it.

It is pointless for intellectually inclined conservatives to denigrate her instinctive conservatism. There are far more people who embrace conservative values than there are those able to articulate conservative principles. We should take our allies where we can get them and let Palin be Palin, though I still hope she gets herself an education in American history and politics.

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