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THE NEW YORKER on Kidney Markets

This pretty fair and balanced article is important mainly because it quotes ME

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Troubling stuff, I just wonder why the article did not bring up China when discussing this issue. I have heard some stories of dissenters being sent to work camps then being executed in mobile execution vans with thier organs sold.

I can't help but gloat a bit on somewhat related topic. Kindle users: check this out. It turns out amazon can delete books without warning, and in irony of ironies the first books deleted were the works of Orwell and Ayn Rand. IN their defense they claim these works were not legal because no one had gotten the publishing rights to make them ebooks. That made me laugh, regardless of the reasons it prooves that the Kindle can "loose" books overnight if whomever is control wills it to happen. So don't throw out those dusty books just yet, that or make illegal rips and burn them to cd's.

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