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No Left Turns

Doonesbury joins the revolt, and other Sunday funnies

Sunday’s Doonesbury is on Obama carcare, but think Obamamedicalcare. This Sunday’s “Pearls Before Swine” has a back-to-school special, tweaking the tenured professors who blog here. And it’s hard to tell when “Get Fuzzy” is being ironic; I prefer to take much of it more literally, as this older strip on exorcising "Demoncrats" from July 28. See as well the strips following. Here’s a good intro to international relations.

Silly stuff? If you think so, listen to Bill Clinton talking to the Netroots conference.

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Bah. I meant to say: Better comics.

I hate the internet. This link actually works. Sorry about all that. Sheesh.

Matt: those are hilarious.

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