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Garage sale regulation and death panels--the tie-in

Now the government wants to protect you from buying faulty products at garage sales. The next move will be to tax garage sales. To soberly discuss "death panels," Charles Krauthammer, shooing Sarah Palin out of the room, winds up channeling her. In both instances the heavy thumb of government distorts the making of human choices.
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I don't agree that Krauthammer "channels" Palin. Read the piece and decide.

The heavy thumb of government has distorted (= shaped?) the making of human choices for how long, do you think?

On NRO Andrew McCarthy gives the QED on "death panels":

That's encouraging perverse motives to human choices.

1: Steve, I agree. I have no idea what is intended by the murky observation that Krauthammer is channeling Palin. His piece is a good one. But see also Andy McCarthy at NRO, as Ken Thomas suggests. McCarthy's point is essentially that if we don't overstate things a bit, the public won't get it. A sound argument, I think.

Don't understand, either, what is meant by "distortion." It sounds like economics. And as usual, the most political powerful and morally compelling (the two are related) arguments against statism are not economic, but have to do with sheer coercion. This is utterly unwarranted coercion, and should be damned from the rooftops as such. Thanks for posting the story. Other conservative sites seem to have missed it, or disregarded it.

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