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Religion and the health care debate

Yesterday, President Obama apparently said that there is a "core ethical and moral obligation" to provide health care for all. He was speaking to liberal religious activists affiliated with this group. For the way they'd like to talk about the health care debate, go here. For more coverage, go here.

I note that the issue guide to which I linked above is careful about avoiding public funding for abortion and accommodating the conscientious scruples of health care providers. This is good, but I wonder whether the President has this in mind when he thinks about the moral dimensions of health care. The guide also points out that there's a gap between morality and policy. I may feel called to care for the hungry and sick and not regard government as the best vehicle for my concern. (See here for more on this point.)

I'll have more to say when I can lay my hands on a transcript of the President's remarks. (I note in passing that the White House website provided transcripts both more reliably and in a more timely fashion during the last Administration. So much for a new era of transparency.)

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Jesus healed so many. What's conveniently left out of the Bible is the part where he sent them the bills later. Hey, it's not like he could heal everybody.

Healing without charging people for it is indeed miraculous.

Honestly, I don't think religion has anything to do with it. I can't believe I'm actually posting a Fox "News" link, but hey, this comedian from "real America" seems to have it figured out. Also, if you don't like him, you must be an anti-Semite. Just kidding.

Craig, we agree! There is no ethical duty in Christianity, or any religion that I'm aware of, that mandates health care for all. The simple fact is that Christians have generally lived without anything resembling modern health care for 1850 years and the bleeding, purging, and sweating that was involved to restore the balance of the humors was probably a lot worse than just praying. Obama is desperate in his appeals to the "religious right."

The folks in the organization to which I linked think that religion has something to do with it, and The President is certainly willing to make use of their energy, such as it is.

This is off-topic. I apologize. I'd just like to see this organization embrace social media and make a Facebook page and get a Twitter account. If these items already exist, please forgive me.

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