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From the latest Barron's:

The Center for Strategic and International Studies projects that China will have more than 438 million over 60 by the year 2050; more than 100 million of them will be age 80 and above. There will be just 1.6 working-age adults to support people 60 and older, versus 7.7 in 1975, when food scarcity and overpopulation were more pressing concerns.

One child left behind.
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The human engineering in China should be a beacon to the liberals here in the U.S. intend on aborting the unborn and killing off the old, disabled and useless people. It doesn't work because no man has the right to tell another man how to live their lives. Furthermore, the Barron's report left out the fact that there are 32 million more men in China than women. This came about due to the fact that couples were allowed to have one child only. The norm became to abort the child if it was a girl and keeping trying to have a child until it was a boy. China is dysfunction - just like the liberal's policies in the U.S.

Research the one child policy and see who it leads to. I don't think a week goes by that I don't hear a report of a revolt of some type in a village there. Olympic shows asside, I think China fits the analogies people made about the soviet union looking strong from a distance and not so much up close. The government could never hope to control its massive population if they became united agasint it. It is clear though, that for some reason, the high ups in the West don't want China to go the way of the soviets. It can't just be about affordable consumer goods can it?

Research the one-child policy? Read the very liberal Wikipedi explanation and it leads to the Communist Government. Liberals love communists. Typical liberal Brutus - try and blame the "imperialistic" USA I am sure. Get real - the statement "the west doesn't want China to go the way of the soviets so that it can get affordable goods? If the U.S. according to you liberals is so imperialistic, why are the Japanese car companies beating the crap out the of the American car companies? Research that one Brutus. Liberalism is a mental illnes.

Now I am a liberal? I meant the one child policy came from the "sustainability" type think tank groups who wanted to continue the eugenics movement. I said communism is going to fail in China, how is that a liberal view? The sponsors of planned parenthood are the same sponsors as one child policy. What label would you put on them, I am against that view so what does that make me?

The real story here is that, long before they reach that age structure, the "Chinese Miracle" will be over. The source of their power has been 1) cheap labor, and 2) multinational corporate competition (once 1 moves to China, the rest must follow to compete). Once the labor dries up, the corporations will move on to new grounds (or new production processes that are less labor intensive). Then China will be forced to live on its own domestic economy, which will be old, demand-poor, and overly expensive (just like many European economies).

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