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Welcome to the New No Left Turns

In the seven years since October 2002 when we launched No Left Turns, our authors have written over 14,000 entries on this blog and our readers have left almost 60,000 comments. In the past year, over 350,000 people visited the site. We think the site has been long overdue for an upgrade, and we are happy to launch it today.

In addition to looking a bit better, the new site allows you to share our writer's comments on Twitter, Facebook, and many other web sites, it offers many improvements in the ways readers can comment on blogs, it offers a much better set of RSS feeds for those of us who use newsreaders like Google Reader, and it helps us fend off those pesky spammers who cluttered up the old site.

Take a look around, and if you have any suggestions for the site, please leave them as comments to this entry. Happy reading.

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Love the new look. Content has always been great. Congratulations.

Nicely done!

I would ask to include the number of comments for each entry on the blog home page itself. I don't read every post, but have historically checked out those items that generate a lot of conversation.

but i so enjoyed learning about cheap deals for shoes!

and i second Anderson's request.

Roger, this is very nice. Thank you.

I agree with M. Shawn Anderson about the number of comments, but otherwise, a great new look, and if it cuts down the spammers, three cheers!

I second Carl Scott. I also like the Archive and the feature that allows you to reply directly to a comment might be worthwhile. I am not sure what to think of the categories.

I agree, the new look is great. I also agree the number of comments for each post on the main page would be nice.

I already miss the "preview" page for comments. :(

I agree completely about showing the number of comments for each post. We will be asking our web guys to add this feature in the near future.

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