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Jon Stewart on ACORN

Hat tip to Instapundit who is right, when Jon Stewart covers it, the story has legs.

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James O' Keefe is a legend. He will get sued... but what happens to the accorn employee who bragged/confessed to killing her husband and getting off the hook?

So much of this stuff on Andy Breibart's, including updates from the author/instigator James O'Keefe. Apparently he has more videos...beyond the confessed murder and the pimp and prostitute home financing for prostitution ring. He was already known for getting Lucky Charms banned at Rutgers as anti-irish by using PC campus policy. He also caused trouble for planned parenthood when calling in as a racist he got the receptionist to accept a large donation specifically targeted for african american abortions, and agree that this was a good way to fight back against affirmative action.

Was that Sen. David Vitter I saw in the background of one of those vids, with a pack of diapers under his arm. Why would Vitter be hanging out at an ACORN brothel? Oh, right, I forgot... (just kidding!)

In other news did you hear the FoxNews report - dug up by the same teen super-sleuth duo - that an ACORN employee had MURDERED her husband?!!! Yes, I just heard it from Gretchen Carlson!

Sounds like the story has legs, alright.


Actually, by pointing out how Fox botched at least one of their ACORN "exposes" I was hardly saying "look over there" - I was right on topic. And I didn't mention Beck at all (even though he did spend an entire show on the "issue").

I'll leave the booga-booga blathering to you, though, Yersinia.

I didn't realize before I made my post, though, that Sen. Vitter (who digs prostitutes and has a diaper fetish, but remains in office, for some reason, no doubt because he's "honorable" like Joe Wilson and Rush Limbaugh) has spent some time and energy actually railing against ACORN. Of course, his rants didn't hold up to a fact-check:

Maybe now, if he sees ACORN as a place to pick up a prostitute (despite the fact that ACORN's already canned those low-level employees recently busted), he will ease up on them a bit?

I don't suppose NLT will be giving us an update on this story, since it has such legs???

I doubt it. But maybe Jon Stewart will (or already has)...

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