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The Nobel Peace Prize

I woke up to this stunning decision (as the WaPo calls it) this morning.  (We should be prepared to be surprised in politics, right?  And we never are, are we?) The problem is that everyone understands that he doesn't deserve it (and I mean no disrespect to the President Obama).  One wag said on CNN this morning that the lefties in Oslo are attempting to tie Obama's hands on foreign policy, especially regarding decision on troop levels in Afghanistan.  Maybe.  But this does give Obama a great opportunity: Mickey Kaus suggests that he turn it down.  I agree.  It would be magnanimous-like act, offered by a statesman who understands that the world does move, or should move, on merit.  If he accepts it, there will be a political backlash  for some will start arguing that his future war decisions will be taken for the wrong reasons.  He cannot afford that opinion settling in on the public.  The decisions on Afghanistan, just to cite the most obvious example, are tough enough to figure out without such calculations.  He should turn it down.
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As you read the man, do you think he will? It would be nice and the right thing to do, but he seems to believe his own great promises and in his own promise of greatness.

Any political backlash will be loudest from the "wrong sort of people", like Limbaugh, Beck, et al, and can be shrugged off in the usual way. Even quiet and thoughtful political backlashing will be lashed back as by people in favor of world war. We conservatives all love war. Right? We all look forward to our sons going to the front lines, wherever that is. Right? Please.

The award is so absurd I feel like I should be laughing. "Experts say Obama is the greatest contributor to world peace today." I suppose they must know best, but from out here, the Emperor has no clothes. He's the leader of my nation and I am embarrassed for him and for us.

The Nobel Peace Price has become a sad joke, truly. The "award" has ridden the coattails of the scientific prices for too long -- it's time to stop making such a big deal about's just another way for lefties to pat themselves on the back. Forget it.

And I will be profoundly shocked if the Ego in Chief turns it down. While he could score enormous points for doing so, I doubt his inflated opinion of himself will allow such a wise course. After all, he's the President that affirmative action built, and that "system" teaches that it's not what you do or can do, but what you are that matters.

The only thing more shocking that the stupidity of the award, would be for BO to turn it town. It would be totally out of step with his character. Like he turned down Columbia, Harvard Law, etc.. all handed to him undeservedly because of what no one will openly speak of. The mostly white-European leftist elite who form the Nobel committee do what that ill normally does wherever they are in power... and the gesture politics here is all too telling.

Naw, I would be truly shocked if BO turned it down. I'd have to re-evaluate him as a man. No the sure bet is the leopard will not change its spots.

I love how quickly this turned from an indictment of the Nobel Peace Prize committee (rightly so) to a scathing personal attack against Obama.

And you wonder why the Right is having an existential crisis . . .

Clifford - how is that the Right can get away with claiming Obama is some slick, sinister political mastermind bent on slowly stealing away our rights but at the same time only got into Harvard Law because he was black? Was he also editor of the Harvard Law Review because he was black? Or was able to get books published because he was black? He's a smart guy. Deal with it.

I am agreed with Matt about his smarts; I always noticed the criticisms that he is naive and at the same time a Machiavellian puppetmaster didn't quite jibe. I don't know what to say about whether he should have or shouldn't have turned it down.

Kate said, "The award is so absurd I feel like I should be laughing. "Experts say Obama is the greatest contributor to world peace today." I suppose they must know best, but from out here, the Emperor has no clothes. He's the leader of my nation and I am embarrassed for him and for us."

Why do you hate America, Kate?
And how can you say such things about our president in a time of war?

Admit it, Matt, even liberal groups are admitting that Obama has done nothing to deserve this award. The Europeans inadvertently dealt him a huge blow. This is all extremely ludicrous.

If an international body (say, just about any human rights group around) critiqued Bush II or anyone in his administration, the NLT crowd didn't recognize it as meaningful, it was always shrugged off as insignificant, silly, etc.

This international body bestows an honor upon Obama and the NLT crowd considers it a "huge blow."


An AMERICAN city lost out for the Olympics, and you can barely suppress your cheers (some actually couldn't). An AMERICAN won the Nobel Prize and you get your collective knickers in a twist.

Where's your USA1 spirit? I guess it vanished on Jan. 20.

Clearly the Dear Leader deserves this award, and many more:

I don't think Obama deserved to win...yet. It's a well done so far and keep going from the Nobel Committee. They want Obama to deliver on his promises and have awarded him ahead of actually achieveing anything!! I have written a blog post on the topic, 'Will the real President Obama please stand up?' if anyone wants to take a look

I am sorry, Craig. I am too slow and stupid to see how what you say there relates to what I said.

I leave this comment for you as a gift. When I have written something else you do not like, sometime in the future, you can cite that first sentence. "Ah! But as Kate has said, 'I am too slow and stupid to see how what you say there relates to what I said.'" It should be a gift that keeps on giving.

I could be wrong Kate, but I think you've just employed some variant of ironic, sarcastic modesty, in saying that you are "too slow and stupid to see how what [I] say there relates to what [you] said."

Well, just in case you actually do need it explained, I was making a riff off of the old Dixie Chicks controversy (when one of them said she was ashamed that Pres. Bush was from their state), as well as the recurring right-wing attack point, wherein one's patriotism - as well as one's basic human decency - was called into question if one dared to criticize Pres. Bush "in a time of war" (a war that continues under Obama, although that war-time reverence for the prez among the right-wingers seems to have evaporated without a trace).

And I wasn't serious - merely attempting to point out a couple of the past absurdities that flowed from the right like a great river during the Bush II years.

I suppose that the Nobel people are already using newspeak and doublethink. How you could give him the peace prize without saying War is peace I don't understand. The wars are no closer to resolution today than they were at any period during the previous administration. If ignorance is strength then they must be one of the strongest groups in the world.

I don't think there are any right-wingers bailing on their support for the war. Maybe they are chastising Obama for not handling the war in the manner they would like, but they are still behind the efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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