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  • A growing 40 percent of all Americans self-identify as conservatives, about 36 percent as moderates, about 20 as liberal, according to Gallup.  I wonder whether they factored in the reluctance of Republicans/conservatives to speak to pollsters. 
  • All politics is local: Local Chinese officials make school kids salute all cars on the road (as a safety measure).  (I can imagine the compelled salutes American kids might give.)  But the other examples of Chinese local tyranny are far less petty--killing dogs, compulsory liquor and cigarette purchases, licenses for harvesting one's own corn, and prohibiting women from being secretaries.
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is #15 on the NY Times trade paperback bestseller list and rising.  I'm not sure what this Zombie business means--it's all over comics strips, and kids talk about it.  Something to do with the "end of history," but there may be other meanings of brain-eating.
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Tim Graney of Katy, Texas, has announced a bid to unseat Ron Paul in the 14th congressional district of Texas. According to FortBendNow, a news website in Houston, Graney is a small business owner and this is his first political campaign. Graney told FortBendNow the district needs a new voice in Congress, particularly in the area of foreign policy.

Ron Paul adamantly opposes the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. “I believe our founding fathers had it right when they argued for peace and commerce between nations, and against entangling political and military alliances. In other words, noninterventionism,” Paul wrote in 2007. He believes Congress needs to reassert its authority over foreign policy. The Constitution makes no distinction between domestic and foreign matters, Paul insists. “Policy is policy, and it must be made by the legislature and not the executive.”

“I am a fiscal conservative, but I do not support Ron Paul’s weak foreign policy views, nor do I support his do whatever you want ultra-Libertarian views that conflict with our American values,” Graney said.

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