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Fight! Fight! And Reflections on "Climategate"

For any NLT peeps in the New York area (that would be you, Charles), I'll be doing a throwdown with some greenies in a climate policy debate Monday evening at the Norwood Club--tickets still available, I'm told.  Meanwhile, lots of attention, even from Andy Revkin on the front page of the NY Times today, about the how the climate alarmists are having their ACORN moment.  As you may have heard, apparently hacked e-mails from a bunch of the top climate scientists makes them look pretty bad, perhaps even seriously corrupt.  They have been mostly authenticated, though there is legitimate question about whether some may have been doctored or rendered out of context.  Our Powerline pal John Hinderaker has a good read that tracks with mine, namely, that even if the "context" of most of these messages offers a different meaning, there is no getting around their paranoid "bunker mentality."  After all, their skeptical challengers are so few and so marginalized; I've always thought these clowns resemble nothing so much as tender Victorian ladies cowering before a mouse.

Meanwhile, a few days before Climategate broke, Der Speigel ran a good summary of the discomfort of the climate campaigners about how the earth has stopped getting warmer over the last few years, dammit!
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Well, you called me out. I'll only say that I will try but from the announcement, it appears that you may need some audience help - the Alarmists against the Deniers.

Some problems: late invite, it's an expensive ticket, it's the night before the last day of class.

Have you seen that Gore has begun to distance himself from science(which never really was on his side) now stating that we need cap and trade for spiritual reasons.

Well, I regret that it's sold out as of 9:00 today. Can't even call them in case someone drops out.

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