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The latest poll saying that on 38% of Americans like the bill that the Democrats leadership is pushing through Congress has generated much discssion.

Question: How popular would tort reform be? How popular would it be to allow citizens of one state to purchase their health insurance in another state?

Some key provisions of the pending legislation are probably popular, too.  Why not pass a minimalist improvement instead of a comprehensive change that the people don't want?  It could even have the virtue of being truly bipartisan.

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How popular would tort reform be? It all depends on how the issue is framed and internalized by those responding to the poll.

If it becomes an issue of freeing doctors and patients from the ravages of blood-sucking trial lawyers ... very popular.

If it becomes an issue of granting careless physicians free reign to maim or kill us without penalty ... then not very popular at all.

Why comprehensive change right now? Because they thought the time was right to swing for the home run. It's not too often that the ball comes floating over the plate belt high.

Come on, Richard, the point of the bill isn't medical's takeover of the economy. We all know this, and that's why they'll keep pushing regardless of what the polls may say.

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