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Natural Rights Confronts Terrorism

"[T]hose who would slaughter innocent men, women and children must know that the United States will do more than simply strengthen our defenses," the President maintained, in his response to the flaming terrorist episode.  Herewith, my program:  Every university receiving federal funding will be required to have anti-terrorist suppression sessions for students, faculty, and administrators.  They would involve exercises such as tossing books, notebooks, and purses at a gunman (recall Virginia Tech) and thwarting a suicide bomber in a plane or other public place.  This training could be part of an already required physical education class or offered as a separate session.  (The model here would be the Solomon Amendment, requiring ROTC opportunities on campuses that receive federal funding.)  The sessions would also be made available from state and local governments that receive federal funding.

The effectiveness of such training is not the major issue; we are after all not Progressives,  who exaggerate the importance of professionalism.  The key purpose is rejecting the passive victim mentality that appears to have captured major government officials.  With the seeming collapse of government responsibility, the people need to revert to their natural rights.  Gun training is the next step.  This would be the revival of the logic of liberty.

Thus, our new mental toughness would allow airplane passengers to carry knives and other weapons that cannot be used to destroy the plane.  The threat comes from bombers, not from slashers. 

It's a pity such training is necessary at all, but that's what we have become.  Consider that the Army is coaching spouses on how to welcome partners back home.

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